CHIKARA “The Infinite Gauntlet” Results

Added by Zack Monday

From The Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 11th 2019

1)  Young Lions Cup match: Still Life With Apricots and Pears (c) vs Thief Ant

Winner and STILL Young Lions Cup Champion: Apricots and Pears after working over Ant’s leg throughout the match, Apricots and Pears locked in Venus de Milo (modified Figure Four), forcing Thief to Tap Out.

2) Lucas Calhoun & Stray Kat vs F.I.S.T (Icarus & Travis Huckabee)

Winners: Calhoun & Kat after Calhoun held Huckabee in Powerslam position, as Kat used her momentum to help Calhoun plant Travis and get the pin.

3) Der Wildebeest w/Jakob Hammermeir vs Missile Assault Man

Winner: Wildebeest after Missile blasted Jakob off the apron with a Pump Kick, Wildebeest hit the ropes and scored with a Running Cross Body, putting Missile down for the 3.

4) The Colony (Fire Ant & Green Ant) vs The Creatures of the Deep (Merlok & The Cajun Crawdad)

Winner: The Colony after putting a series of moves on Merlok, Fire lifted the big man into The Beach Break, as Green flew off the top, spiking the big man down and both Ants covered for the 3. (Really Good!)

5)  2019 Infinite Gauntlet:

2 competitors start us off, every 88 seconds, a new competitor will enter the match. Eliminations occur when a competitor is thrown over the top rope, pinned or submitted. The winner will receive The Golden Opportunity!

 Ophidian enters #33, but there are no more competitors left in the ring, giving Ophidian the victory!

Order of Entrants: 1) Boomer Hatfield, 2) Danjerhawk, 3) Sonny DeFarge, 4) CHIKARA Grand Champion Dasher Hatfield, 5) Ice Cream Jr., 6) Nytehawk, 7) Kobald, 8) Frantik, 9) Fireman’s Carry Fry, 10) Cornelius Crummels, 11) BLANK, 12) Molly McCoy, 13) Volgar, 14) Snapmare Matt, 15) John Francis of Coronado, 16) Arm Breaker Amir, 17) Worker Ant, 18) Rick Roland, 19) Officer Warren Barksdale, 20) The Whisper, 21) Jaw Breaker Josue, 22) Oleg The Usurper, 23) Bull James, 24) Unsocial Jordan, 25) Enziguri Evan, 26) Hermit Crab, 27) Shazza McKenzie, 28) Razerhawk, 29) Duke “The Dumpster” Droese, 30) Hallowicked, 31) El Hijo del Ice Cream, 32) Solo Darling, 33) Ophidian

Order of Eliminations: 1) Boomer eliminated Danjerhawk with a Crucifix pin, 2) Dasher eliminated DeFarge, 3) Boomer eliminated Ice Cream Jr., 4) Boomer eliminated Nytehawk, 5) Fireman’s eliminated Frantik, 6) Kobald eliminated Crummels, 7) Dasher eliminated Kobald, 8) Dasher eliminated BLANK, 9) Dasher eliminated Boomer, 10) Amir eliminated McCoy, 11) The Jobbers eliminated Worker, 12) Jobbers eliminated Barksdale, 13) John Francis eliminated Roland, 14) Whisper, Dasher & John Francis eliminated Volgar, 15) John Francis eliminated Dasher, 16) Enziguri eliminated Bull James after an Enziguri/Standing Moonsault sequence, 17) Jobbers eliminated Oleg, 18) Jobbers eliminated Hermit, 19) Whisper eliminated John Francis, 20) Shazza eliminated Jaw Breaker, 21) Jobbers eliminated Jordan, 22) Jobbers eliminated Shazza, 23) Jobbers eliminated Razerhawk, 24) Duke eliminated Fry, 25) Duke eliminated Matt, 26) Amir eliminated Duke, 27) Hallowicked eliminated Amir, 28) Whisper eliminated El Hijo by Tap Out to a Boston Crab, 29, 30, 31 & 32) Solo, Hallowicked, Evan & Whisper all crashed to the floor, eliminating all at once!

Boomer Hatfield gets into the ring, calls out his Dad, Grand Champion Dasher Hatfield. Dasher comes out, cuts a promo, calling Boomer a disappointment. Long promo, telling Boomer that he doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring, have the same last name, nor wear the SAME MASK! Boomer calls Dasher out for being a bad dad, leading to Dasher attacking, but out comes Sydney Backabella! Backabella signs Boomer vs Dasher, MASK vs MASK, in two weeks!

The Colony vs Creatures of the Deep and The Infinite Gauntlet were a lot of fun. Good stuff with the Boomer vs Dasher build and I am looking forwards to their Mask vs Mask clash.