CHIKARA ‘Pier Pressure’ (5/4/15, Cardiff) Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

1. Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor & Drew Gulak defeated Los Ice Creams, The United Nations (Prakash Sabar &
Juan Francisco de Coronado) and The Wrecking Crew (Oleg The Usurper & JAKA) in an elimination match, order of elimination was United Nations, Los Ice Creams and finally The Wrecking Crew

2. Mark Andrews defeated Silver Ant (Andrews was drawn out of a hat to be Silver Ant’s opponent)

3. Frightmare & Blind Rage defeated Amasis & Fire Ant

4. Icarus, Dasher Hatfield & Mr Touchdown defeated The Batiri & Ultramantis Black

5. Soldier Ant defeated Worker Ant

6: Devastation Corporation defeated NRG by 2 falls to retain the Campeonatos de Parejas

Thanks to Martin Dean

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