Black Label ‘Turbo Graps 16 – Part 2’ (9/21/19) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From The Summit Park District Building in Summit, Illinois

Live on IndependentWrestling.Tv #TurboGraps2

1) Turbo Graps 16 Semifinal Round Fatal Four Way IWTV Championship match: Erick Stevens © vs “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs Jake Something vs Gary Jay

Winner and STILL IWTV Champion: Stevens after using a Fireman’s Carry into a Double Knee Gut Buster on Jay, allowing Lawlor to toss Jay with a German Suplex, Stevens charged into the corner with a Clothesline, followed by Lawlor hitting a Spin Kick over the ropes and then using a Overhead Belly to Belly to throw Stevens into Jay, in the corner. Lawlor and Stevens did a “Bash Brothers” style celebration, before Stevens leveled Tom with a Lariat and followed with End of Heartache and the pin. (This was a good, hard hitting, sprint. All four of these guys are really having a good year and this being a Semifinal round clash is a testament to how stacked this tournament is.)

2) Turbo Graps 16 Semifinal Round Fatal Four Way match: “WARHORSE” Jake Parnell vs Jody Fleisch vs Carlos Romo vs Danny Adams

Winner: WARHORSE after Adams leveled Romo with a Flying Kick to the chest and covered, WARHORSE has climbed to the top and flew off with a Double Stomp to Adams’ back, breaking up the pin and giving WARHORSE the opportunity to pin Adams.

3) Bear Country (Bear Beefcake & Bear Bronson) vs Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku)

Winners: Violence after Beefcake and Ku traded hard shots, Ku dropped Bear with a Jumping Enziguri, leading to Dom and Bronson stepping to the middle of the ring and trading HUGE chops and shots. Dom rocked Bronson with a Jumping Knee to the face and followed with a German Suplex, but Bronson got to his feet and nailed Dom with a Big Boot, before pulling him into a Fireman’s Carry. Ku pulled Dom off Bear’s shoulders and pushed him into his partner, before Dom used a Brainbuster on Beefcake, as Ku kicked him in the head and followed with the pin. (What a fucking match! That was incredibly aggressive and hard hitting. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
Ku gets on the mic and calls out any tag team to come to Black Label and face them. He brings up The Work Horsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) being their only blemish and lays out a challenge for “Slamilton” in a Ironman Tag match!

4) “All Heart” Blake Christian vs “The Sauce” Alex Zayne

Winner: Christian after pulling Zayne into a Torture Rack, Alex escaped and hooked for The Taco Driver (Cut Throat Burning Hammer), only for Blake to escape and using a Standing Spanish Fly to transition into a Triangle Choke! Zayne powered Blake up and used a big One Armed Powerbomb to escape, before charging across with a Big Knee Strike to the face and covering, picking up a 2. Zayne slowly made his way to the top, allowing Blake to get up, following to the top and using a RIDICULOUS Reverse Spanish Fly to send Alex crashing to the mat, before pulling him up for a Rolling Burning Hammer and following with a Running Knee Strike to the back of the head, keeping Alex down for the 3. (Incredible stuff from these guys. The creativity and athleticism is off the charts, but the way the put their matches together really builds to something special. RECOMMENDED!)

“All Ego” Ethan Page comes to the ring and cuts a promo on Joshua Bishop, of Blood Diamond, costing him the first round match against Jody Fleisch. Page lays out a challenge to all members of Blood Diamond, saying he will fight them alone, or with fans, as he brings 4 fans to the ring apron, as Blood Diamond (Bishop, BLP Tag Champions Tre Lamar & Jake Lander & BLP Champion Kobe Durst) make their way to the ring. After a little back and forth, Blood Diamond surround Page, only for The Space Pirates (Shane Sabre & Space Monkey) & Logan Stunt run in to even the odds!

5) Eight Man Tag match: “All Ego” Ethan Page, Logan Stunt & The Space Pirates (Shane Sabre & Space Monkey) vs Blood Diamond (Joshua Bishop, BLP Champion Kobe Durst & BLP Tag Team Champions Jake Lander & Tre Lamar)

Winners: Ego & Friends after Tre attempted to lift Page into a Torture Rack, as Lander started his way to the top, Page broke loose of Tre, while Logan held Jake’s foot on the top. Page pulled Lander down and used The Big Boy Bomb to send Jake crashing into Tre and cover Tre for the 3 (Fun, wild match. Great sequences for all of these guys, Bishop is a god damn monster.)

6) BLP Midwest Championship match: “The Motherfucking Truth” AJ Gray © vs Jonathan Wolf

Winner and STILL Champion: AJ after they battled on the top, looking for the dominant position, Wolf used a Northern Lights Superplex to send both men crashing to the mat, but he was too worn down to pin. Wolf went back to the top and scored with a BEAUTIFUL Swonton Bomb and covered, but AJ kicked out! Wolf pulled AJ up and lifted him to the top, blistering his chest with a chop, before climbing up in Superplex position, only for AJ to counter and used a RIDICULOUS Sit Out Tombstone, crashing to the mat and covering for the 3. (AWESOME. RECOMMENDED)

7) Swoggle vs Marko Stunt

Winner: Swoggle after planting Stunt with a Pop Up Powerbomb, Swoggle rolled Marko to his feet and used an Ace Crusher to put him back down and pick up the win.
Swoggle TRIED to cut a promo, putting over Marko as the next TV star.

8) Turbo Graps 16 Final for the IWTV Championship: Erick Stevens© vs “WARHORSE” Jake Parnell

Winner of Turbo Graps 16 and NEW IWTV Champion: WARHORSE after Stevens dragged WARHORSE into a Suplex position, WARHORSE escaped to the back, only for Stevens to land 2 HARD Back Elbows and follow with a flurry of elbow strikes to the face, rocking WARHORSE with a Spinning Elbow. Stevens pulled off his elbow pad and staggered WARHORSE with another Spinning Elbow, before hitting the ropes, only for WARHORSE to dump him with a Half and Half Suplex, but Stevens GOT UP! WARHORSE dumped Stevens with 2 more Half and Half Suplexes, before going to the top and connecting with a Flying Double Stomp to the back of Erick’s head, following with the pin. (What a match! War of fucking attrition from these two. RECOMMENDED!)

What a great tournament this was and another reason why Independent Wrestling will live on a prosper in these trying times.