APW King Of Indies 2018 Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

APW is a promotion that may not be familiar to many of you, the most exposure the promotion ever got was during the ‘Beyond the Mat’ documentary which saw two of it’s wrestlers Michael Modest and Tony Jones received try-outs for the WWF.

For me personally, in 2001 APW really came to the forefront, I don’t think there would be an ‘Indy Corner’ today if it wasn’t for the 2001 King Of Indies tournament. This tournament was rammed full of great talent such as ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson, ‘Spanky’ Brian Kendrick, Doug Williams, Low-Ki, the aforementioned Tony Jones, Christopher Daniels and many more.

As I was becoming disillusioned with ‘mainstream’ pro-wrestling this tournament and the subsequent formation on the east coast of Ring Of Honor gave me a new type of wrestling to get my teeth into. Yes, I’d watched indy wrestling before then, early CZW or JAPW but KOI ’01 and ROH are what really kick started my indy fandom.

It was many years later when websites, podcasts etc. seemed to be focusing mainly on the bigger promotions I thought the indies wasn’t getting enough coverage and The Indy Corner was born, I just felt that wrestling fans needed to be made aware of this other type of wrestling and wanted to be a vehicle to get the information out there.

Of course, independent wrestling has blown up of the last 5 years or so, ROH have been purchased by a huge company (Sinclair Broadcasting) and I often read/hear comments that ROH are not an indy because of the fact Sinclair own them, but I still do class them as an indy, feel free to tweet me with your thoughts on this @TheIndyCorner

Fans here in the UK where I am based will know the impact our independent wrestling scene is having right now, we’d like to think it’s the fact the talent is great which it is but WWE forming the WWE UK brand which has since become NXT UK is basically them trying to combat ITV who are bringing back ‘World Of Sport’. They have some great talent some that I am surprised are not being used on the WWE UK/NXT brand but WWE are using some guys that featured on WOS the last time brought it back, make of that what you will. Speaking of will, ITV have been able to secure the services of Will Ospreay which is very exciting waiting for WOS to air.

In closing, I love the independent scene on both sides of the pond and in other areas of the world like Australia/New Zealand and as much as I look at the WWE having ulterior motives for what they are doing, it gives the guys/girls an extra pay day, which is always a good thing even though they are restricting them from working for certain other promotions, of course, if you’re a promotion who is ‘in bed’ with WWE you can pretty much use the talent, I don’t need to state who they are, you know who they are.

So with that, here are the results from this years King of The Indies

  1. Jacob Fatu defeated Jeff Cobb, pinfall with a small package
  2. Flip Gordon defeated Titan, pinfall following a 450 splash
  3. Brody King defeated Timothy Thatcher, pinfall following a sit down death valley driver
  4. Dragon Lee defeated Ryusuke Taguchi, pinfall following a modified Orange Crush
  5. Semi-Final: Flip Gordon defeated Jacob Fatu, pinfall following a sky twister press
  6. Dragon Lee defeated Brody King, pinfall following a top rope double stomp.
  7. Nicole Savoy and Taya Valkyrie battled to a double knockout in the PWR women’s title match
  8. Reno Scum defeated ROE WIN the APW tag team titles
  9. Dragon Lee defeated Flip Gordon via pinfall following an Orange Crush Bomb to win the 2018 King Of Indies tournament

Credit to PWP Ponderings for the results