AIW “JT Lightning Invitational 2019” Night 1 Results

Added by Zack Monday

From The Odeon Concert Club in Cleveland, Ohio, June 14th 2019

1)    JLIT 2019 First Round match: Lee Moriarty vs Colin Delaney

Delaney is replacing an injured Colt Cabana.

Winner: Moriarty after a series of Waist-Lock exchanges, Moriarty tripped Colin down and used a European Clutch to pick up the big UPSET!

 2)   JLIT 2019 First Round match: Pat Buck vs Swoggle

Winner: Buck after Swoggle positioned for The Phenomenal Forearm, Buck stopped him with a kick through the ropes, before hitting a big Spear and covering for the 3.

3)  JLIT 2019 First Round match: Tre Lamar vs AIW Intense Division Champion Joshua Bishop w/Maserati Wes

Winner: Bishop after Wes caused Lamar to crotch on the top, Bishop climbed up and used a CRAZY Super Border Toss, sending Lamar crashing to the mat and covering for the 3. (This was really fun! Great performance from Lamar. Bishop is a motherfucking animal and so much fun to watch fire up.)

 4)    JLIT 2019 First Round match: MJF w/Big Twan Tucker vs Savio Vega

NXTwan chants from the crowd, leads to MJF getting heated!

Winner: Savio after nailing MJF with a HUGE Spin Kick, Vega was able to pick up the big 3! (Great pop for the win! Good stuff from MJF, bringing out an ass kicking from Vega.)

MJF nails Twan in the nuts and spits on him, before leaving Twan in the ring.

5)    JLIT 2019 First Round Relaxed Rules match: Dr. Dan vs Mance Warner w/The Duke

Winner: Warner after using a Pop Up Headbutt to rock Dr. Dan, putting him in position for a Lariat and the cover. (Good shit!)

6)    JLIT 2019 First Round match: Flip Kendrick vs Kyle The Beast

Winner: KTB after battling for position on the top, KTB pulled Flip onto his shoulders and used a DOPE Rope Step Springboard TKO to put Flip down for the 3! (Pretty Damn Cool!)

7)   JLIT 2019 First Round match: Tim Donst vs Marko Stunt

Stunt’s AIW Debut.

Winner: Stunt after countering Donst’s Powerbomb attempt with an Inside Cradle to pick up the big SHOCK VICTORY! (Crazy match! This was really good and the best match., so far of this night. Donst is really creative and fun with Marko, who is a madman and loves to make his opponent look like the strongest human alive. Marko’s fire was fun and he, somewhat, won over the crowd, making your debut in AIW, against Donst, is going to be a tough draw. RECOMMENDED)

8)   JLIT 2019 First Round match: Louis Lyndon vs Kid Kash

Winner: Kash after fighting his way out of a Dragon Sleeper, Kash used a Brainbuster to snap Lyndon to the mat and pick up the victory. (Good match! Lyndon is a staple of the AIW roster and a great way to see if the interloper will work. Kash was stiff and solid as hell,)

9)    JLIT 2019 First Round Relaxed Rules match: Danhausen w/Derek Director & Eddy Only vs Matthew Justice

Winner: Justice after countering Danhausen and lifting him onto his shoulders, following with a Death Valley Driver onto an unfolded Chair and the pin. (Pretty damn crazy! Justice is a star and put up a great fight against The Production. Some wild bumps and holy shit moments. Danhausen looked really good in this, his best performance that I’ve seen.)

10)   JLIT 2019 First Round match: Zach Thomas vs “The Last of a Dying Breed” Eddie Kingston

Winner: Thomas after stopping Kingston’s Backfist to the Future and crushing him with a Spinning Elbow to the jaw, followed by a Spinning Elbow to the back of the head, before lifting Kingston into Electric Chair position and spinning him into a Sit Out Powerbomb, picking up the HUGE WIN! (This was a BANGER! Awesome war with Kingston attempting murder and Thomas battling for his life, yet proving he can bring it and throw it with the best of them. This was really fucking good and the best match, so far! RECOMMENDED!)

AIW Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, who was on commentary for the match, gets into it with Kingston.

11)   JLIT 2019 First Round Relaxed Rules match: AJ Gray vs Nick Fucking Gage

Winner: Gage after blasting AJ with multiple unprotected Chair Shots to the head, Nick used a Piledriver onto a FUCKING Cinder Block to put AJ away. (Fucking war! AJ brought the god damn fight and looked light a legitimate threat to put Gage away. Nick Gage thrives off the violence and the AIW arena is perfect for his escalating style.)

12)    JLIT 2019 First Round: Erick Stevens vs “The Bone Collector” Dominic Garrini

Winner: Stevens after countering Garrini’s Guillotine Choke into a HUGE Northern Lights Bomb, Stevens followed with a Rainmaker and the cover, but Dom kicked out! Erick, after some recovery from this war, pulled Dom in for The Doctor Bomb, but Garrini fought back and pushed Stevens into the corner, unloading with a Violence Party of Chops and Punches, slumping Stevens over. They battled on the top, until Garrini used a Muscle Buster and covered for a 1! Stevens unloaded with strikes to Garrini, until Dom wrapped him up in a Rear Naked Choke, stomping on Stevens’ kidneys, forcing him to Tap Out! (This was great! Best match of the night for sure! Back and forth war, incredibly skilled exchanges on the mat, hard hits and Stevens’ fire were all big pluses for this match. I cannot wait to watch this again! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)