AIW ‘Bad Boy For Life’ (9/26/19) Results

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From The Winchester Music Tavern in Lakewood, Ohio

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Outside of the Joey Janela vs Alex Shelley match, the whole card is a mystery.

Tre Lamar vs Lee Moriarty

Winner: Lamar after Tre took out Lee with a Jumping Double Stomp, Lamar pulled Lee up and scored with a Snapmare Driver and covered for the 3. (Fun match. High speed and high impact.)

Zach Thomas vs KTB

Winner: Thomas after Thomas stopped KTB’s climb to the top and lifted in Electric Chair position, KTB escaped into a waist-lock, which Thomas was able to counter out of and score with a Falcon Arrow for a 2. After KTB fired up and traded strikes with Thomas, Zach rocked him with a Pump Kick and followed with The Soul Bomb (Electric Chair spun into a Sit Out Powerbomb) to pick up the win. (Hard hitting battle right here. Thomas is a pack of Suplexing dynamite with a fighting spirit heart and pitbull mentality. KTB is so great with any opponent he gets in there with, speed, size and athleticism with a killer instinct. Hell of a match.)

Dr. Daniel D. Rockingham & Parker Pierce come to the ring and Rockingham cuts a promo, putting over his mission and getting the HEEEEAT. Weird World (Alex “Worldwide” Kellar & Weird Body) come out and Worldwide cuts a hilarious promo on DR & PP, challenging them to a fight.

Daniel C. Rockingham & Parker Pierce vs Weird World (Alex “Worldwide” Kellar & Weird Body)

Winners: Dr. & Weird after Worldwide planted Pierce with a Pump Handle Slam and covered, getting a 2, Worldwide pulled Weird onto his shoulders for the “Terry Funk Ladder” spot, before dropping Weird onto Pierce’s body. Piper charged with a Lariat, but Worldwide ducked and grabbed Parker in a waist-lock, but Pierce got to the ropes. Dr gets on the apron, only for Weird to climb up Worldwide’s back for a SICK Sunset Flip Powerbomb, driving Dr to the floor! Pierce nailed Worldwide with a Mule Kick to the nuts, before hitting the ropes for a Northern Lariat and coveting for the 3. (Fun as hell. That Weird body bump was NUTS!)

Alex Shelley vs “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Winner: after Janela planted Shelley with a Package Piledriver and covered, only getting a 2, Joey went to the top and flew off with a Moonsault, only for Shelley to dodge the attack, Joey landed on his feet, but Alex grabbed him and scored with Slice Bread #2 to get a close 2. After “Fight Forever” chants and a little recovery, Shelley murdered Janela with a Superkick, followed with a Snap Flatliner, dropping Janela STRAIGHT ON HIS HEAD and covering, but Janela kicked out and Alex transitioned into The Border City Stretch, forcing Joey to TAP OUT! (AWESOME! FUCKING AWESOME! Great build, hard-working, gnarly near-falls and just passion for pro wrestling playing out in front of us. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Shelley cuts a promo, burying Matt Morgan and other talent that get bullshit pushes, but puts over Janela as a REAL PRO WRESTLER! Great promo from Janela on AIW taking a chance on him and putting him against the great talent that made their way through AIW.

Danhausen w/Derek Director & Eddy Only vs Pretty Boy Smooth w/Tre Lamar

Winner: Smooth after Smooth crushed Danhausen with a Big Boot, he screamed “you want to embarrass me?” before planting Danhausen with a Sit Out Powerbomb for a 2! Smooth fired up and grabbed Danhausen for a Chokeslam, only for Danhausen to bite at Smooth’s hand, only for PB to power through with Hurts Donut to get the win. (Only saw the end of this match. Danhausen has a very unorthodox, old school creeper style and I love it. Smooth is a 7 foot monster that looks untouchable at times. The feud between The Production and 40 Acres steams on.

Six Person Tag match: The Bitcoin Boys (Eric Taylor & Mikey Montgomery) & The Duke vs Allie Kat & AIW Tag Team Champions The Philly Marino Experience (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia)

Winners: PMeow after Philly used a Gorilla Press Slam on Eric to set up a Splash and the cover, but Duke broke it up, leading to Duke and Philly trading shots, with Philly getting the advantage, until Duke planted him with The Duke Driver and covered, just before Marino flew in with a Double Stomp to break it up. The Bitcoin Boys team up on PME, before hitting the ropes, only for Allie to step in and join in with PME to hit a Double Sunset Drive and cover for the 3. (Fun stuff. PME and Allie are always entertaining and hard working, Bitcoin & Duke were great on the opposition and everything clicked.)

Manders vs Big Twan Tucker

Winner: Manders after Manders and Twan traded RIDICULOUS Slaps to the face, Manders attempted to distract Twan, only to eat a nasty Headbutt. Twan threw Manders into the corner and crushed him with an Avalanche, before sending him to the opposite corner and following with another Avalanche, before using a Spinebuster to pick up a 2 Twan positioned Manders and started climbing the ropes, only for Manders to cut him off and use a HUGE Powerbomb, before crawling into the cover, but Twan kicked out. The crowd was LIT as Manders charged in with The Three Point Stance, only for Twan to catch him with a HUGE Uranage, which Manders rolled through and took out Twan with a Spear and covered, but Twan kicked out. They went head to head and Slapped the shit out of each other, until Twan backed Manders into the corner and charged, Manders moved and Twan hit the post, allowing Manders to use a Saito Suplex and follow with a Three Point Stance Lariat to pick up the HUGE WIN. (This was fucking awesome and a god damn war! Twan has become a fucking monster and really brings it, Manders is so damn solid and brings an absolute old school punch you in the mouth appeal that is great in any match. RECOMMENDED! Big Boy War!)

“The Bone Collector” Dom Garrini vs Joshua Bishop w/Wes Barkley

Winner: Bishop after Barkley accidentally nailed Bishop with the Barbed Wire Lawn Chair, Dom dropped Wes with a Punch to the face, before grabbing a Chair and SMASHING it over Bishop’s head, twice, putting the big man down. Dom set up the Barbed Wire Lawn Chair and used an F5 to drive Bishop onto the Barbed Wire and cover, but Barkley broke it up. Dom took off Wes’ neck brace and Chopped it, twice, before using an F5 to drive Wes onto 2 unfolded chairs, back to back. Bishop took the time to recover and use a FUCKING SICK Chokeslam onto the tops of the 2 Chairs, making Dom go STIFF on the mat and covering for the 3. (Motherfucker. What a war. This was so fucking good and violent, with Dom acting like a man possessed and Bishop using Wes and his pure fucking monsterness to KILL Dom and get the win. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

AIW Intense Championship match: Matthew Jusice© w/Bill Alfonso vs Eric Ryan w/Bobby Beverly

Winner and STILL Champion: Justice after Ryan Speared Justice through a Fork covered Door in the corner and covered, Justice kicked out! Ryan covered Justice in a broken Door and went to the top, scoring with a Flying Elbow Drop and covering for another 2. Ryan had Beverly hand him a box of Light Tubes, Ryan pulled one out and broke it over his head, before gouging his forehead with the broken tube and then grabbing a GIANT Bundle of Light Tubes. Ryan positioned the tubes and pulled in Justice for a Powerbomb, only for Matt to counter with Jig n’ Tonic through all of the glass, holding on for the 3. (Fucking brutal fight. Escalation of violence, mixed with hard hitting, great wrestling, this was a stellar main event. RECOMMENDED!)

Ryan cuts a promo on wanting to join in the violence in AIW and then tells Justice that he will die to get the Intense Title and become AIW Grand Slam Champion. Justice simply says “For The Brand!”

Awesome show, AIW shows are always a great blend of high energy, great work and carry over that makes each show worth seeing. The fact that they are going Live with some of their streams is pretty awesome and I hope there was enough support to warrant them coming back.