AIW Absolution 14 (8/2) Results

Added by Zack Monday

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From The Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio

1)  Big Twan Tucker vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman

MJF cut a pre-match promo, saying if he loses the match, he will never return to AIW. MJF then adds that Tucker will not be allowed to return if he loses.

Winner: Tucker after spitting in MJF’s face and using a Spear to put him down for the 3. (GREAT REACTION FROM THE CROWD. Fun match, MJF is great and Twan is a big selling son of a gun,)

Fans chant “Na nan a na,” and “Get the fuck out.”

2)  Six Man Tag match: 40 Acres (AJ Gray, PB Smooth & Tre Lamar) vs The Production (Danhausen, Derek Direction & Eddy Only)

Winners: The Production after Danhausen used a Slingshot German Suplex to fold Tre up, followed by Direction using a Running Sunset Bomb to send Tre into the corner, The Production combined for a Triple Team Arm Capture Piledriver and the cover. (Fun as hell. Both teams brought so much energy and appeal, fast tempo and big moves. Great win for The Production.)

3)  Bunkhouse Brawl: “The Southern Psycho” Mance Warner vs Jock Samson w/The Duke

Winner: Warner after Mance Speared Jock through a Door in the corner, he recovered a little, before covering, but Duke broke it up and then PLANTED Warner with The Duke Driver, allowing Jock to cover, but he kicked out! After some recovery, Jock was up first, grabbing a Chair and setting up a second Door, onto of a Door, set up on 2 chairs. Duke smashed Warner with a Garbage Can and choked him out, before helping Jock get the construction of destruction together. Jock started going to the top, as Duke tried to position Warner, only for Mance to fight them off, putting Duke on the first Door, before nailing him with a Chair and then nailing Jock with a Chair shot. Mance climbed to the top and used a DDT, sending Jock and himself off the top, crashing through the Doors and Duke, before pinning Jock. (Good old fashioned brawl. Country as fuck, with a slice of Big Bad Duke. Great finish, the crowd is so fired up tonight.)

4) Hornswoggle vs “The Passion” John Thorne

Thorne is replacing Joey Janela, who had travel issues.

Winner: Hornswoggle after countering Thorne with a Spinebuster onto a Wooden Box, following with the cover. (Quick and wild. Thorne filled in for his company and went balls to the wall. Hornswoggle with a “For The Brand” promo, great stuff.)

5)  Submit or Surrender: “The Bone Collector” Dominic Garrini vs Tim Donst

Winner: Garrini after they stood on a platform, bridged between the ring and guardrail, Don’t got on the mic, giving Dom the opportunity to quit, he doesn’t, so Donst uses a FUCKING TIGER DRIVER to bounce Dom’s head off the platform, SCARY, Dom crashed over the guardrail, into the crowd, as Tim crashed to the ringside area. Donst, fighting off the students to get to the fallen Dom, pulled Garrini up and after Dom slapped his face, Tim used a SICK Powerbomb to BOUNCE Dom off the Hard Wood platform and slide to the concrete below. Donst and Dom got into the ring, Donst grabbed a bucket, unloading Skewers and then pulling out Duct Tape. Donst stood on Dom, as he taped Dom’s hands behind his back, Donst laid on a Door, set up on Table legs and pulled out a Bottle of Lighter Fluid! Donst covered Dom in the Lighter Fluid, pulling a lighter out, the Referee asks Dom, who says “FUCKING DO IT DONST, LIGHT ME ON FIRE!” Students get into the ring, Donst fights them off, Dom broke free of the top and used a German Suplex to dump Donst, before grabbing a broken half of a Door and smashing it over Donst’s head! Dom grabbed a handful of Skewers and started at Donst, only for Tim to grab the microphone and scream “I QUIT! I QUIT!) (WHAT A WAR! Fucking savage attacks from both men, great story told of the hatred just pouring out of Dom and him getting revenge for the shit attitude Donst has towards the students and everybody to be frank. RECOMMENDED VIOLENCE!)

Donst gets on the mic, calling Dom and his students pussies, leading to Dom smashing the Skewers into Donst’s head, dragging him to the corner and using a Piledriver off the middle turnbuckle to send Donst crashing through the Door! (AWESOME)

6)  Four Way Scramble: Kyle The Beast vs Louis Lyndon vs Lee Moriarty vs Wheeler YUTA

Winner: YUTA after KTB sent Moriarty over the top with an F5, YUTA charged at KTB and after some countering, YUTA used a Rolling Front Cradle to pick up the win, (Crazy action. Moriarty looked great. Great way to wake the crowd back up after intermission.)

The Duke comes to the ring and talks about Mance Warner not wanting to be in Duke Money, so he needs to think about the future, bringing out The Bit Coin Boys! As Duke puts them over, Bunkhouse Buck makes his entrance! Buck disposes of The Bitcoin Boys and cuts a promo.

7)  Nick FUCKING Gage vs Zach Thomas

Winner: Gage after Gage planted Thomas with a Double Arm DDT and covered for a 2, Gage played to the crowd, circling the ring, before pulling Zach up, hooking for a Piledriver, but Zach escaped and nailed Gage with an Elbow, lifting him in an Electric Chair and attempting a Spin Powerbomb, but Gage landed on his feet and used The Chokebreaker to get a CLOSE 2. Gage grabbed a Pizza Cutter, but played too much to the crowd, allowing Zach to surprise him with a Spinebuster, before throwing a bunch of Chairs into the ring. Thomas piled the Chairs and lifted Gage back up in the Electric Chair, before Spinning him into a Sit Out Powerbomb, on the chairs and holding on, GETTING A CLOSE 2! Zach was in disbelief, Gage was rolling in pain, Thomas unfolded 4 chairs and placed them seat to seat, before putting a Carpet Strip Barbed Wire Box next to the setup, Thomas pulled Gage onto the chairs, both men fighting for control, until Gage used a Piledriver to send Thomas off the chairs and through the Barbed Wire Carpet Strip box, following with the pin. (Good stuff. Thomas got wild and did not backdown at all, bringing the fight to Gage. Fun and wild, great reaction from the crowd, which has been red hot all night.)

8) AIW Tag Team Championship match: To Infinity & Beyond (Cheech Hernandez & Colin Delaney)© vs The Philly Merino Experience (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia)

Winners and NEW AIW Tag Champions: PME after To Infinity used an Air Raid Crash/Cop Killer combo on Marino, they covered, only for Philly to pull the Referee out of the ring. Collins fought off Cheech’s Suicide Dive attempt and battled with Colin in the ring, Delaney got the advantage in the cover, only for Marino to catch him with a Dropkick. Marino handed Colin to Philly, as Cheech charged Marino, who used a Code Breaker on Cheech and held on, as Collins used a Powerbomb to send Colin onto Cheech and PME covered, getting a 2. After some back and forth, Colin was thrown out of the ring, Marino blasted Cheech with a Tornado Kick and followed with Moonlight Drive and the cover, GETTING THE WIN! (WONDERFUL! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Great tag team match, great story, build was fantastic, the dynamic between these two TEAMS is unprecedented and so worth your time. Awesome win for PME, the crowd, everybody wanted that and AIW has knocked it out of the park again.)

9)  AIW Intense Championship Falls Count Anywhere match: Joshua Bishop © w/Wes Barkley vs Matthew Justice

Winner and NEW Intense Champion: Justice after Justice put the boots to Wes, in the corner, Fonzi grabbed a chair and HUNG UPSIDE DOWN FROM THE TOP, holding the chair in front of Wes’ head, so Justice can hit it with a Running Dropkick! Justice celebrated, until Bishop destroyed a broken half of a Door over Justice’s head! Bishop entered the ring, pulled Justice up, nailed him with a elbow and held him, as Wes entered the ring, Chopped Justice and Flair posed. Wes landed another Chop, sending Justice reeling into the corner, Wes Irish Whips Justice into a Black Hole Slam from Bishop, who holds on, getting a 2. Wes slid a Chair into the ring and got back in, as Bishop grabbed a Chair and they stalked Justice, swinging as he stood up, Justice ducked, they collided chairs, Justice and Bishop traded CTE Chair Shots to the head, until Bishop went to the top and used The Mike Awesome Flying Chair Shot to wrap the chair over Justice’s head and cover, but Alfonso broke up the pin! Bishop ripped off part of the guardrail and brought it to the ring, as Wes slid a Door into the ring. Bishop and Wes bridged the Guardrail from the apron to the guardrail, before pulling Justice in for the Awesome Bomb, Bishop threw Justice out of the ring, BENDING the guardrail, Wes rolled Justice in the ring and Bishop covered, but Justice kicked out at 1! Bishop smacked Justice with a Door to the head and then set up Doors in corners, before joining Wes for a search under the ring, pulling Barbed Wire Board from under the ring! Wes & Joshua slide the board in and follow, they set the Board up across 2 chairs, Bishop argues with Fonzie, Justice Spears Bishop through a Door in the corner. Fonzie throws a Chair against Wes’ head and Justice uses a Spear to send Wes crashing through a Door, before pulling Bishop up and using a Death Valley Driver to send Bishop through the Barbed Wire Board, holding on for the GREAT 3! (Wild ass match. Crazy spots, Tanaka vs Awesome callbacks that were equal parts awesome and frightening. Two big, bad motherfuckers that are not afraid to let it fly! The Awesome Bomb out of the ring, onto the guardrail was GNARLY!)

10)  AIW Absolute Championship match: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor© vs “The War King” Eddie Kingston

Winner and STILL Absolute Champion: Lawlor after Lawlor used a Superplex to roll Kingston into a Seated Front Guillotine, but Kingston was able to get to the ropes. Lawlor recovered, getting some distance and calling for Kingston to get up, King got to his knees, where Lawlor nailed him with a hard Kicks to the chest, Kingston taking them and firing up. Kingston and Lawlor traded HARD Chops, VICIOUS EXCHANGE, King finally had enough and chopped Lawlor into the corner, they traded Machine Gun Chops, followed by Exploders. Lawlor blocked a Backdrop Driver, countering into a Saito Suplex, only for Kingston to respond with a Saito Suplex of his own and then a HARD Lariat, which Lawlor escaped at the 2 and dumped Eddie with a Dead Lift German! They recovered in opposite corners, limping towards each other, Kingston having a hard time staying on his feet. They meet in the middle of the ring, King slaps Lawlor’s face, Lawlor Chops Eddie and lands a series of Forearm Strikes, followed by a Knee Strike, dropping King. Lawlor landed more Forearms and pulled King up, Eddie broke loose and dropped Tom with The Backfist to the Future, King crawled into the cover, getting a 2. They fought to their feet, Lawlor got the advantage after a nasty Rolling Solebutt, Lawlor powered King up and scored with a Tombstone, covering for another 2. Lawlor fired up, pulling King to his feet, King fired off the Backfist to the Future, followed with a Brainbuster and covered, getting another 2! After some recovery, Kingston dropped Lawlor with another Backfist to the Future and covered, Lawlor kicked out at 2 and hooked an Arm Bar, which Kingston bit Lawlor’s leg to escape, Tom quickly scored with a Head Kick, before hooking King’s arms and landing MULTIPLE Tommy Goye, before sitting down in an Arm Breaker, forcing Kingston to Submit! (WOW! Fucking Epic AIW Title match. This was an all-time war and a really fucking good match. Lawlor is great, adapts to everything and anybody and has this recklessness to him that leads to very unpredictable matches. Kingston proved that he is amongst the best going, taking a beating that I’ve rarely seen King take. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Lawlor cuts a promo, putting over AIW and Kingston. Lawlor starts a “Please Don’t Go” chant, trying to get him to take back his promise to retire. Joey Janela’s music hits, distracting Kingston & Lawlor, as Wes Barkley, dressed as Joey slides through the entrance, giving Joshua Bishop to opportunity to attack Lawlor & Kingston from behind! Bishop, with the Absolute Title in his hand, stands on Lawlor, raising the Title, with Wes Barkley at his side. (AWESOME!!!!)