Action Wrestling ‘Futures Showcase Tournament’ (8/3) Results

Added by Zack Monday

From Soddy Daisy High School in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

1)   Futures Showcase Tournament First Round – Three Way match: Benjamin Carter vs James Bandy vs Kevin Giza

Winner: Carter after using a HIGH Delayed Frog Splash to put Bandy down for the 3. (Carter is a really impressive athlete, good look, small, but full of fire.)

2)  Futures Showcase Tournament First Round – Three Way match: “The Cornbelt Cowboy” Manders vs “Big Beef” Gnarls Garvin vs Zachary Cooper

Winner: after Garvin and Cooper traded Headbutts on the top, Garvin knocked Zach off the top, to the floor, before Manders caught Garvin with a Gamengiri and followed up, hitting a Stampede Powerslam off the top and covering for the 3.

3)  Futures Showcase Tournament First Round – Three Way match: Lutha X vs Bobby Flaco vs Dayman Tangra

Winner: Flaco pinned Tangra

4)  Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) vs IFHY (Shawn Kemp & Jonathan Wolf)

Winners: Violence is Forever after Dom held Kemp in a Brainbutser, as Ku landed a Head Kick, VIF covered, only for Wolf, somehow, to climb to the top and use a Swonton Bomb to squash all of them and break it up. Ku and Wolf countered, until Ku landed a series of hard Chops, followed by a Head Kick, which allowing Dom to SPIKE Wolf with a Piledriver, followed by a End of Heartbreak by Kevin and the cover. (CRAZY! Jonathan Wolf is a monster, lunatic and someone to keep an eye on.)

5)  The Mercury Brothers (Brad & Briar Mercury) vs The B Bros (Davey Bang & August Matthews)

Winners: The Mercury Brothers

6)  Cain Justice vs Alan Angels

Winner: Angels

7)   Sage Philips vs “The One Kick Man” Logan Stunt

Winner: Logan

8)  Futures Showcase Tournament Final – Triple Threat match: Bobby Flaco vs Benjamin Carter vs “The Cornbelt Cowboy” Manders

Winner: after Manders blocked Flaco’s Poison Rana, Manders ripped Flaco up and hit The Stampede Powerslam, putting Flaco down and holding on, getting the 3, just as Carter dove in the ring. (Good, high energy and exciting Final. Good tournament, Manders has a lot of momentum going into SCI Night 2.)