AAA “Verano de Escandalo” Results

Added by Zack Monday

From Poliforum Zamna in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, June 16th 2019

1)  AAA Reina de Reinas Championship match: Lady Shani© vs Chik Tormenta vs Keyra

 Winner and NEW Reina de Reinas: Keyra using a Folding Pin on an exhausted Shani to pick up the SURPRISE victory. (Cool dive sequence from all 3, including Tormenta scoring with a NASTY Flying Knee off the apron and then Keyra using a Diving Frankensteiner. Shani gave Keyra a NASTY Back Cracker on the apron.)

– The Lucha Brothers (AAA Mega Champion Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) come to the ring. Pentagon cuts a promo on The Lucha Bros taking back the AAA Tag Titles from The Young Bucks, tonight and restore their glory to the Mexican People. Konnan comes out and cuts a vicious promo on the Lucha Brothers and the Mexican crowd. Pentagon and Konnan go face to face, with Konnan slapping Pentagon and Fenix holding them back. As the chaos unfolds in the ring, AAA Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) run out and attack the Lucha Brothers! Konnan & The Bucks leave the Lucha Bros laying in the ring.

2)   Faby Apache vs Hijo del Tirantes w/Chik Tormenta

Winner: Apache after nailing Tirantes, who held a Garbage Can in front of him, with a Missile Dropkick, Apache covered for the win. (A lot of 2 on 1 from Tirantes & Tormenta. Faby got in some great looking Cookie Sheet shots to Tirantes’ head, which will be GIF’d soon. Tirantes is easy to hate and this means a lot to these AAA fans.)

3)  Maximo & Mamba vs Sammy Guevara & Australian Suicide

Winners: Sammy & Suicide after Suicide nailed Mamba with a 450 Splash, he quickly took out Mamba with a Suicide Dive, as Sammy hit Mamba with a Shooting Star Press and held on for the 3. (Good fun. Exoticos and Sammy will always result in some cheeky good times. Great timing with the explosiveness from Suicide & Sammy, making the most of those big moves.)

4)  AAA Cruiserweight & Trios Champion Laredo Kid & Taya vs Daga & Tessa Blanchard

Winners: Laredo Kid & Taya after Laredo used The Laredo Fly on Daga to pick up the victory.

5)  Trios: Pagano, Aerostar & Puma King vs Chessman, Monsther Clown & Killer Kross w/Scarlett Bordeaux

Winners: Puma, Aerostar & Pagano after Puma used a Powerbomb, taking Chessman off the top and onto a Ladder set up on 2 Chairs and covered for the 3. (Aerostar has a DIVE from the top of the light structure, that NEEDS TO BE SEEN. Bordeaux blasted everyone with weapons and hit Aerostar with a Destroyer, while in heels, wild ass match, there was some great stuff mixed in with some really rough stuff, Chessman and Pagano were off their games.)

Kross violently attacks Puma King, continuing their build to something crazy. Kross took Puma King’s mask!

6)   No Disqualification Trios match: LA Parka & AAA Trios Tag Champions Myzteziz Jr. & El Hijo del Vikingo vs Los Mercenarios (Texano Jr, Rey Escorpion & La Hiedra)

Winners: Vikingo, Myzteziz & Parka after Vikingo used The Imploding 450 on Hiedra to pick up the victory., (Wild shit. Myzteziz and Vikingo just hucked it out there and let all caution fly. Escorpio & Texano are great bases, uber fucking heels and ass-kickers that will kick ass. Hiedra is the queen of the Mercernarios and a great character.)

7)  Por El Campeonato de Parejas AAA: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs The Lucha Brothers (Fenix & Pentagon Jr.)

Winners and NEW AAA Tag Champions: Lucha Bros after Pentagon held Matt in The Pentagon Driver, as Fenix spiked it with a Flying Double Stomp and then took out Nick on the floor! Pentagon pinned Matt to get the BIG WIN! (No bell to start the match. Vicious attack from the Lucha Bros to start. Matt Jackson is using the rolling Northern Lights Suplexes and popped both brothers over on his fourth in-a-row. Good cocky-shit actions from The Bucks, giving this crowd, which isn’t reflecting the magnitude of the match, a dose of character. Fenix with an INSANE Tope Suicida, ending up 4 rows deep in the crowd! Big match, these guys pulled it all out and really killed it. The finish gets a big reaction! Matt nailed Pentagon with a foul and TOOK HIS MASK! Fenix nailed Nick with a Low Blow and Rolling Ace Crusher to get an INCREDIBLE CLOSE FALL, as the backup Referee ran down and Nick just got out! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

8)  Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown vs Blue Demon Jr. & Taurus

Winners: Wagner Jr. & Psycho when Wagner pinned Demon after The Wagner Driver. (Demon bleeds. Wagner bleeds. AAA main event, wild brawl.)