PCW Top Gunn (2/7/16, Blackpool) Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Academy show:

1 Dave Rayne beat Craig Sanders with an RKO.

2 Lauren beat Rhio & Jennie B in a 3 way. Lauren with a roll up on Rhio.

3 Dave Birch beat Jack Baron after Birch used a low blow & modified back cracker.

4 Philip Michael beat Jack Garvin beat via armbar submission. Very good technical match.

5 Jimmy J beat James Finn with a powerbomb.

6 Rocky Future beat Alex Boylin.

Main show:

1 Iestyn Rees beat El Ligero with the Masterlock. Joanna Rose appointed Rees as captain of Team Rose for the big Aug 6 Team Rayne vs Team Rose match.

2 Joey Hayes & Martin Kirby beat Dave Rayne & Chris Masters after Rees distracted Masters & Hayes and Kirby DDTd Rayne.

3 Team Single went to a double count out with the London Riots. Wild brawl into crowd. Challenge made by the Riots for a Aug 6 streetfight. Accepted by TBone despite initial reluctance by Brown.

4 Billy Gunn beat Bob Holly with Fameasser in 10 mins.

5 Viper beat Sammy Smooth with sitdown scoop slam in intergender match.

6 Sha Samuels & Lionheart beat Noam Dar & Grado. Dar had Samuels in a sleeper, Lionheart low blowed Dar and Samuels pinned Grado.

7 Zack Sabre Jr beat Bubblegum via submission – Bubblegum hit a shooting star press straight into an armbar submission by Sabre Jr. Great 17 mins match.

PCW are back in Blackpool at the same venue on Sep 3 with Masters vs Rees.

Thanks to @UpperGwladysBlu for the results

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