PODCAST: All In Special with Benno, Joe and JP

Added by Richard Benson

In a podcast special, Spotlight crew Benno, Joe and JP take a break from Brit Wres and talk perhaps the biggest modern Indy show of all time – All In, discussing the highs and lows of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks self-funded show, talking how such an event even became possible, the fan culture that drives it and all things in-between.

Joe and JP also give a very brief recap on their weekend live at Rev Pro Live In Leamington and at the Cockpit and the guys discuss if such an event as All In would even be possible in the Europe with the political divides across British and European Wrestling.

00:59 Intro, Joe and JP’s Weekend at Rev Pro
08:15 General All In discussion, Zero Hour thoughts
35:09 All In Main Card

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Find Matt Seese’s All In Review on The Indy Corner here: http://www.theindycorner.com/reviews/review-all-in-01-09-18/

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