British Wrestling Spotlight – Progress Reboots With Chapter 56, #Sabootle, FCP Day Of The Dead – Podcast

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British Wrestling Spotlight – Progress Reboots with Chapter 56, #Sabootle, FCP Day Of The Dead, Attack!, Rev Pro and more…

Hosts Benno, Joe and JP are back together to discuss Progress Chapter 56 as the company reboots after a 6 week absence ,with a British Strong Style face turn, a lukewarm debut and a stellar main event. The guys also talk Benno’s trip to see Sabu in a Leisure Centre in Bootle, Joe and JP’s visit to Attack Bodyslams And Control and RevPro Live in Leamington and the latest Fight Club Pro show, Day Of The Dead.


What We’ve Been Watching:
ATTACK! Bodyslams And Control/RevPro Live In Leamington (3:36)
Sabu at EPW American Wrestling (17:55)
Fight Club PRO – Day Of The Dead (25:54)

Insider Terms/Wrestlers vs Fans (43:26)

Featured Review: 
Progress Wrestling – Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre (1:03:35)

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