British Wrestling Spotlight: Best In Brit Wres (Part 2) with Travis Banks and Mark Haskins

Added by Richard Benson

It’s Part TWO of the Best In Brit Wres (and Europe!) 2017 Special from British Wrestling Spotlight as hosts Benno, Joe and JP are joined again by Martin Bushby of POST Wrestling to run through the second half of their picks for the best of the year, with the Promo, Show, Moment and Wrestler Of The Year Categories. The guys also talk their worst moments of the year with the Get In The Bin awards and forecast what’s to come in 2018 with a game of Likely/Unlikely.

Joining the show is Travis Banks (@Travis_BanksPW) as he talks his 2017 with a run-in from Mark Haskins (@ThisIsHaskins). Also calling in with some of their picks for the best of 2017, are friends of the show John Pollock (@IamJohnPollock), STRIGGA (@STRIGGA), Derek Montilla (@Cap_Kaveman), Tim Buechner (@LuchaUndead), Neil Docking (@Neil Docking), Andy Ogden (@OggyPart3), David Cardiff (@WrestleBlast), Ben Corrigan @BritWresAwayDay), Brother Mort (@Mortenvh), Jenna Macdougal (@Mizz_Zelda_Zonk) and Steve Hermon & Ed Wilson (@TheBuzzardsPod).

00:01:24 Promo Of The Year
00:10:20 VOICEMAILS: Andy Ogden, Ben Corrigan
00:14:25 Show Of The Year
00:21:57 VOICEMAILS: Brother Mort, David Cardiff, Neil Docking
00:28:40 Moment Of The Year
00:37:20 INTERVIEW Travis Banks (with Mark Haskins)
00:51:00 VOICEMAILS: John Pollock, STRIGGA, Timothy Buechner, Jenna MacDougal, Steve Hermon/Ed Wilson, Derek Montilla
01:05:30 Wrestler Of The Year
01:17:42 Get In The Bin Awards
01:28:23 2018 Likely/Unlikely

If you missed it, Part One can be found here:

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