The Indy Project #3

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Welcome to the The Indy Project with me Ian Wadsworth, where as a male human with a baby on the way I try and catch up on all the weekly goings on in the world of independent wrestling, aswell as my match of the week. As always, Spoilers ahead. Let’s get going.


The Death Before Dishonor XV PPV was last weekend and I found it a difficult one to sum up. I enjoyed the show, had fun watching it and the majority of the matches where solid but none of the matches felt memorable or stood out in any way and i would have to consider it overall a middle of the road PPV. The main event of Cody vs Suzuki did nothing for me and felt like it was cut short by 10 mins, which left the show ending on abit of a sour note. A solid but skipable event from Ring Of Honor for sure.


The third and final instalment of the Destruction Trilogy has concluded with Destruction in Kobe. This was another poor show overall with lazy tag team match after tag team match, the only one of note being the Killer Elite Squad capturing the Tag Team Chapionships.

The main event on the other hand was fantastic (finally some positivity right?!). I don’t really rate Juice Robinson too highly, but this was the best match I’ve seen him have. Considering he was in there with, for my money the best wrestler in the entire world, Kenny Omega, I suppose that’s no real surprise. They both told a great story of Juice being hesitant to go after Omega’s surgically repaired knee, to him attacking it out of desperation. How Kenny Omega pulled off his moveset and even a middle rope One Winged Angel to boot after surgery 2 weeks ago is beyond me, the man can do no wrong.


In my opinion, too much Lucha Underground can be a bad thing with how ridiculous and over the top it can be. That being said, there is no denying that it is the most original wrestling out there and can be fantastic if watched in small doses. After an extremely long season 3, we have arrived at Ultima Lucha Tres, which starting this week, will be a four episode finale, the culmination of all feuds and stories.

The show started off with a nothing match between Texano vs Famous B and Dr Wagner Jr, but i dont want to talk about that because the main event was a nearly episode long Hell of War match between Dante Fox and Killshot (Shane Strickland). First fall was first blood, followed by nodq, followed by an ambulance match. In 2017 this isn’t the type of match I would like to watch every week, but the mix of incredible highspots and high flying with absolutely brutal barbed wire and glass window spots, all the while telling a great story made this an unbelievably fun match to watch! These guys worked so hard and Fox especially impressed me. An insane match that I recommend any fan of hard-core style wrestling needs to see. Go out of your way and watch this episode.


The Bullet Club invaded Monday night Raw this week on their show, “Being the Elite” which is one of the best and funniest wrestling based shows on YouTube. Go and watch it HERE


The answer to last week’s question was 3! (Kevin Steen, Bryan Danielson & AJ Styles)
This week I would just like to ask who is your favourite wrestler out there at the moment who’s name isn’t Kenny Omega or Kazuchika Okada?

MATCH OF THE WEEK (All matches of the week available with a solid Google search)

MOTW – Kenny Omega vs Juice Robinson

ARCHIVE MOTW – Rey Mysterio vs Prince Puma, Lucha Underground, Ultima Lucha Dos. Watch it HERE

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