The Indy Project #2

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Welcome to the second edition of The Indy Project, with me Ian Wadsworth, where as a male human with a baby on the way I try and catch up on all the weekly goings on in the world of independent wrestling, aswell as my match of the week. As always, Spoilers ahead. Let’s get going.


The second of the Destruction trilogy was this week and proved to be a vast improvement on last weeks. Destruction in Hiroshima was a really solid show, with the last few matches really catching fire. Storylines heading into the big October show where furthered, including Naito and Ishii for the Wrestlekingdom contract and EVIL challenging Okada for the World title. EVIL is one of my favourite characters in wrestling right now, I don’t expect him to beat Okada, but this push he has received is dead good. Dead…good? No?

The main event of the show was Zack Sabre Jr vs Tanahashi in what was a masterclass in the art of wrestling. The mix of the British and Japanese styles meshed perfectly, with this match slowly burning from mat based technicality into a hard hitting, high flying crescendo. After the Crusierweight Classic was over and ZSJ didn’t sign with WWE, I thought he’d made a mistake, but his consistently terrific performances in New Japan and having matches like this one, rubbing elbows with top guys like Tanahashi, has proven me to be as wrong as the booking on 205 Live. Just a beautiful match to watch.


This weekend was Death Before Dishonor XV. I will watch and cover the ppv for next week’s column, but in preparation for the event I binge watched ROH TV on the fight app. I watched episodes 311, 312 and 313 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ring Of Honor continue to put on fantastic shows and I feel that you can just dip in and out of watching whenever you like. At this point, I would watch ROH’s show over any weekly non WWE tv out there. The best stuff I saw in these episodes was the consistently brilliant Marty Scurll vs Rocky Romero, Jay Lethal vs Beer City Bruiser in a street fight and Bullet Club vs Search and Destroy in a huge 8 man tag.


The wrestling world is saddened by the news of the death of Bobby Heenan. ‘The Brain’ was one of the best talkers and funniest personalities in the history of the business. RIP.

Yours truly has just secured tickets for Progress: Hello Wembley in a year’s time. All of the floor seats are now sold out which for an independent company with zero matches or wrestlers announced, is nothing short of amazing.


Kurt Johansson correctly answered last week’s trivia question, which was that it was James Storm that ended Crimsons undefeated streak. I checked out Kurt’s podcast, One Fall Wrestling Podcast and thought they touched on some really interesting stuff, like the 5 Star Wrestling debacle and found myself totally agreeing. Go and check it out!
As always, no cheating please.

How many PWG World Champions have gone on to become a World Champion in WWE?

MATCH OF THE WEEK (All matches of the week are available with a solid Google search)

MOTW – Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Zack Sabre Jr

ARCHIVE MOTW – With Death before Dishonor this weekend, here is a brutal classic from the event! CM Punk and Ace Steel vs BJ Whitmer and Dan Maff, Street Fight, Death Before Dishonor 2. Watch it HERE

I always appreciate you giving up your time to read this and hope that you come back next week. If you want me to cover anything in a future column or have any questions/disagreements, hit me up on my Twitter or Instagram, both @wadji1. Or email me at