PWG BOLA Announcements

Added by Stuart Rodgers

So early yesterday was filled with the joy of the announcement that Mark Haskins had been booked for BOLA in early September, joining Mark in the first announcements were Jeff Cobb, Kamaitachi & Cody Rhodes.

Later yesterday more guys were announced and that’s were us UK fans get even more excited as both Pete Dunne & Jack Gallagher have been booked. This is tremendous news for us the fans and the guys themselves.

Also announced were Dalton Castle, Sami Callihan, Tommy End, Trevor Lee, Adam Cole & the former John Morrison, John Hennigan.

Looking forward to the rest of the participants being announced, hopefully some more debutants and maybe even some more Brits.

Edit: Added late on 29/6 – Ricochet, Chris Hero, Mark Andrews & Matt Riddle

Edit #2: More added Marty Scurll, Fenix, Matt Sydal & Kyle O’Reilly


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