PWG Announce Matches For All Star Weekend 2016

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Following on from another successful show with ‘Bowie’ this past weekend the promotion have started announcing matches for this years All Star Weekend, at the end of ‘Bowie’ PWG champion Roderick Strong challenged Zack Sabre Jr. to a title match which of course was accepted and this will take place on night 2, Strong had a Valentine’s Day message for Sabre Jr. Watch it HERE

Matches set for night 1 as of typing this:

  1. Chuck Taylor vs Trevor Lee
  2. Chris Hero vs Marty Scurll
  3. Trent? vs Dew Galloway
  4. Roderick Strong vs mark Andrews (non-title)
  5. Kyle O’Reilly vs Tommy End
  6. Zack Sabre Jr. vs Adam Cole
  7. PWG Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs Ricochet & Matt Sydal

Matches set for night 2 as of typing this:

  1. Chuck Taylor vs Marty Scurll
  2. Mark Andrews vs Evil Andrews
  3. Drew Galloway vs. Trevor Lee
  4. Ricochet & Matt Syadal vs Tommy End & Chris Hero (It will be a tag titles match if they change hands on night 1)
  5. Trent? vs Adam Cole
  6. The Young Bucks vs reDRagon (will be a tag title match if they don’t change hands the night before)


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