Puroresu Weekly Recap 20/06/2018 – 27/06/2018

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Sad news was announced on twitter that one of the best big men in the business has sadly passed away, holding titles in three of the most well-known promotions in Japan. IWGP Heavyweight Champion in New Japan, Triple Crown in All Japan and a GHC Tag Team Champion in Noah. Leon White may have started his career in AWA but Vader was made in Japan. Rest in Power, Vader.

All Japan: Kento Miyahara’s next challenger for the Triple Crown will be Zeus, Ryouji Sai will defend his All Asia Heavyweight Championship against The Bodyguard. These defences are scheduled for the 27th of July. This coming weekend in Hokkaido on 30/06 and 01/07, Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa will challenge Dylan James & Ryouji Sai for the World Tag Team Championships, Yohei Nakajima challenges Atsushi Aoki for the Junior Heavyweight Championship and a Special Singles match between Kento Miyahara and Jake Lee.

Big Japan: Masashi Takeda, BJW Death Match Champion, and Hideki Suzuki, BJW Strong Heavyweight Champion successfully defended their titles at the recent Korakuen Hall show.

Dragon Gate: The card for the Rainbow Gate, Korakuen Hall 05/07 show is announced. The two main matches are the Open the Triangle Gate title match between Natural Vibes (Kzy, Susumu & Genki) defending against Ryo Saito, Don Fuji & K-Ness. A Unit Disband match between Over Generation and Antias will main event the show.

Full card HERE

Dramatic Dream Team: On the recent DDT Live! Maji Manji, Meiko Satomura returned to DDT to team with ALL OUT duo, Konosuke Takeshita & Akito. A team from Sendai will challenge the KO-D 6 Man Champions for the titles. DAMNATION duo Mad Paulie & Tetsuya Endo defeated Daisuke Sekimoto & Kazusada Higuchi for the KO-D Tag Team titles. Next weeks episode will feature a falls out anywhere 4 way match featuring Konosuke Takeshita vs. Kazusada Higuchi vs. MAO vs. Masashi Takeda.

NOAH: Daisuke Harada successfully defended his GHC Junior title against Kumano and Takashi Sugiura successfully defended his GHC Heavyweight title against Kenoh, on the 26/06. They’ll face each other in a non-title match at the Ratel’s Produce show on Saturday. Hideo Itami was announced as Marufuji’s opponent for his anniversary match in September.

More matches were announced for Takayama Empire:

• Naomichi Marufuji & Isami Kodaka vs. Takaku Fuke & Takuma Sano
• Jun Akiyama & Dick Togo vs. Takao Omori & Danshoku Dieno
• Takashi Sugiura & Meiko Satomura vs Hikaru Sato & Chihiro Hashimoto
• Shuji Ishikawa, Yuji Hino & Konosuke Takeshita vs Suwama, Ryota Hama & Kazusada Higuchi
Sendai Girls: On the 24/06 Michinoku Pro show, the vacant Sendai Girls World Championship was contested between DASH Chisako & Chihiro Hashimoto. Chihiro Hashimoto won and becomes the 8th Champion. Sendai on Demand has added another show, the monthly subscription is $5.99.

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