PAID ‘Vendetta’ (15/8/15) Preview

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PAID Promotions, this Saturday August 15th, will host ‘Vendetta’ at the Winter Gardens, Morecambe in what is expected to be one of the most important events in the promotions existence.

Alpha Omega (Stixx & Joey Hayes) v Team PAID Promotions (Johnny Phere & Craig Kollins)

On the 13th of September last year, PAID Promotions found itself being haunted by a date, and two words that would appear in white writing on a black background. The date being 2/11/14, the two words, “We’re Coming”.

The image and the message was dismissed by the PAID Promotions Heavyweight Champion, ‘One Man Riot’ Craig Kollins and PAID Promotions Chairman ‘Mr Morecambe’ Greg Lambert. But during the main event of ‘Remember Remember’, on said date, Kollins battled fan favourite RJM for the Title. He looked to be losing the match until Greg Lambert’s associates interfered and assaulted the challenger.

However, three men suddenly entered the fray, they were El Ligero, Dave Mastiff and Stixx. Joining RJM in the ring, these four men had grown tired of Lambert’s reign of terror in the past months and were now standing tall forming Alpha Omega to face Greg Lambert’s PAID Promotions. The battlelines were drawn.

PAID Promotions Craig Kollins v RJM 02/11/14:

The next event in December, Alpha Omega reigned victorious and ‘Mr Morecambe’ Greg Lambert was unceremoniously evicted from PAID Promotions.

PAID Promotions: Alpha Omega evicts Greg Lambert!…

Despite this win, PAID Promotions found a way to keep control of the company as Greg Lambert kept appearing via satellite to thwart Alpha Omega along with his Champion Craig Kollins who reluctantly had help during his matches to keep his Championship.

However, Craig Kollins reign as Champion would come to an end when Stixx would capture the Championship in a Title versus Streak match during June before a jubilant crowd. This as Stixx mentioned on that night was only part of his masterplan, the next part would be having Alpha Omega take over PAID Promotions much to the fans delight.

Stixx reflects on All or Nothing:

This Saturday his masterplan could occur at ‘Vendetta’ at the Winter Gardens as PAID Promotions will go head to head with Alpha Omega in a winner takes all match: If Alpha Omega Win, PAID Promotions Becomes Alpha Omega. If Team PAID Promotions Win, Alpha Omega & Stixx dispand.

Joe Hendry attempts to bring Phere and Kollins to…

Recruiting fan favourite Joey Hayes, Stixx will be facing Craig Kollins who has been forced to tag with Johnny Phere and it’s clear that PAID Promotions representives do not get along.

Toni Storm vs ‘The Princess Of Pain’ Viper v Lana Austin vs ‘The Best In The Galaxy’ Nikki Storm

The Referendum, will have two chances to expand the undefeated steak that stretches from there debut last year within PAID Promotions.

In this match, the fan favourite’s Lana Austin and Toni Storm despite being against each other will be facing rivals the destructive Viper and the deceptive Nikki Storm in a fatal four way.

The returning Nikki Storm will hope to continue her dominance with Viper like they did the last time they found themselves in a match together last year and it was Austin who paid the price then.

But unlike that time, Toni Storm who has proven to be a fantastic talent in the ring could even the odds and allow the fantastic Austin to gain a measure of overdue revenge on the Referendum.

‘All Day Star’ Ryan Smile & ‘Number One’ Damian Dunne vs The Referendum. (Lewis Girvan & Bobby Roberts)

The other battle that The Referendum has, sees fan favourites Ryan Smile & Damian Dunne against The Enforcer Bobby Roberts who has proven to be as merciless as he is dangerous and Lewis Girvan, a man who’s high flying ability is equally as dynamic as his technical ability.

The Referendum attacks Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne:

This Saturday, Smile and Dunne who are tag team specialists and have gained victories over some of the best teams in the country will certainly face this as a dangerous challenge especially if Laird Grayson is nearby.

Solar vs ‘The Priority’ Chris Ridgeway

This year Chris Ridgeway was part of one of the best feuds PAID Promotions has had in it’s history battling El Ligero. The final match between the two culminating in a Loser leaves Morecombe match and it would be Ridgeway standing victorious.

Chris Ridgeway: I BEAT EL LIGERO

At ‘Vendetta’, Solar, another deathdefying masked fan favourite will be doing battle with Ridgeway perhaps in attempt to avenge the fallen El Ligero. Either way this will be on high octane match that fans will have to watch out for.

Mr Big Shaun Vasey vs Sexy Kev

It all began with a raffle being gatecrashed. The entertaining Sexy Kev assisted in drawing a popular raffle winner until Mr Big Shaun Vasey arrived and attacked Kev, leaving him beaten.

Sexy Kev has a surprise offer for Mr Big

This would see Kev rather than battle his attacker, he would attempt to join forces with him to little success and now at ‘Vendetta’, Kev has finally decided that the two can only settle there issues in the ring.

PAID Promotions: Sexy Kev raises money to hire Mr…

‘Global Hero’ Joe Hendry’s Open Invitational

Since arriving via satellite in PAID Promotions, Joe Hendry has done very little to endear himself to the Morecambe faithful.

‘The Global Hero’ Joe Hendry presents ‘A Song for…

Event after event he would call out Stixx to no success, until he appeared at Morecambe by ambushing the Leader of Alpha Omega and attacking him during a Title match. Hendry made even more of an impact with the fans as his alliance with Greg Lambert allowed him to become in charge of events at ‘All or Nothing’ much to the chagrin of Stallion.

The Horse’s Mouth with Joe Hendry:

With the Attitude that he has arriving into PAID Promotions, it looks as if Hendry will have no shortage of challengers at ‘Vendetta’.

Bubblegum w/Cyanide vs Dylan Roberts

Bubblegum, a man who’s in ring ability is seen as the best in the UK, but with an attitude seen as the worst in the UK will be doing battle this Saturday.

After inheriting the services of Cyanide, he had the belief that he would be untouchable, but despite gaining the victory at the last event, he would be humiliated at the hands of Smile & Dunne. An action that would see him want revenge on anyone.

Bubblegum caught on camera attacking Ryan Hunter

This Saturday Bubblegum will have to face the man known as Dylan Roberts. But what will Cyanide do as he is in the corner of Bubblegum, will be finally rebel against him, fans can only wait.

These matches look to show that ‘Vendetta’ is going to be another must see show from PAID Promotions or it could be Alpha Omega before Sunday arrives, be there to find out.

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