Have You Heard About #RAWlternative ?

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Beyond Wrestling are putting together a broadcast tonight via YouTube that is there as an alternative to the WWE’s RAW. Most of you who are reading this I guess are already fans of indy wrestling but if not for any reason, this could be for you. Loads of promotions have given permission for a match from their promotions to be used, these as you can see are all below. Watch this and share out a link of this article to get more people clued up to what is happening tonight. The link to the Youtube page is at the bottom of this post.

-Young Bucks vs. Super Smash Bros courtesy of Smash Wrestling
-Ricochet vs. Josh Alexander courtesy of Alpha-1 Wrestling
-Chris Hero vs. Colin Delaney courtesy of 2CW: Squared Circle Wrestling
-Johnny Gargano vs. Ethan Page courtesy of Absolute Intense Wrestling
-Takaaki Watanabe vs. Andy Dalton courtesy of Inspire Pro
-Ninjas With Altitude vs. Food Fighters courtesy of Inter Species Wrestling
-Eddie Kingston vs. Keith Walker courtesy of AAW Pro
-Kevin Steen vs. Mike Bailey courtesy of C*4
-Brian Kendrick vs. Dark Sheik courtesy of Hoodslam
-Rich Swann & AR Fox vs. Christian Rose & Matt Cage courtesy of DREAMWAVE Wrestling
-Kyle O’Reilly vs. Gary Jay courtesy of Saint Louis Anarchy
-Athena vs. Mia Yim courtesy of Girls Night Out

Plus a previously unreleased match from Beyond Wrestling (Twitter: @beyondwrestling)”The purpose of #RAWlternative isn’t to get fans to stop watching WWE. The purpose of #RAWlternative is to get the internet wrestling community to band together for one night to raise awareness for the mainstream alternatives. If you are unhappy with what you see on your TV every Monday night, please don’t stop supporting professional wrestling. Tune in to #RAWlternative on 1/19/15 and thrust yourself head first into the indie scene. We are teaming with a dozen of the most prominent independent wrestling promotions in North America to broadcast some of the best matches of 2014 to a worldwide audience.”

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