Fight Club: PRO ‘All The Best 16’ Preview

Added by Stuart Rodgers

The show is upon us, tonight the Fight Club: PRO crew return to The Planet in Wolverhampton with All The Best. Like always, there is a strong card on offer with the core FCP roster all involved.

Let’s start with a debut though, Travis Banks who is from New Zealand makes his way to FCP after various outings on the UK scene where he has had reportedly great showings and it shows with him getting an FCP booking. He’ll be facing former Infinity Trophy Holder Chris Brookes, Brookes started off as an underdog in FCP taking some terrible beatings but following his win in the Infinity Tournament he had, shall we say, a change of character and pretty much the one time fan favourite has turned his back on the fans and the dislike at The Planet on a Fight Club Friday is mutual. It should be a great match and will be interesting to see Banks in his first outing for the promotion.

In a tag team match we’ll see Dan Moloney team with Wild Boar Mike Hitchman to face The Hunter Brothers. Any one who follows the British scene will know how well-liked The Hunters are but of course, they are also a terriffic tag team. Like all the best teams from the past, their double team combinations are second to none. The you have Moloney/Boar, these two have teamed up previously in FCP winning BOTH their matches so this would be a hard match to call if I was predicting results, however, this will be a tremendous match I am sure of that.

The current Infinity Trophy holder is ‘Young & Bitter’ Pete Dunne, he is part of the ‘KYS’ faction along with current FCP champion MK McKinnan, Damian Dunne & Jimmy Havoc) and he’ll be taking on probably the UK’s most promising talents – Tyler Bate. Tyler is young but no rookie, he’s been wrestling for a few years now and has done nothing but impress. Dunne has himself impressed over the last few years, I’ve followed his career which has seen him go all over the UK, the US and Japan but the ‘Young & Bitter’ tag ties in with his attitude over the last 12 months or so and again, like with Chris Brookes and the rest of KYS for that matter, he doesn’t like the FCP fans and they don’t like him. Dunne is the current Infinity Trophy holder and will want to protect his standing near the top of the FCP roster so I am sure he’ll go all out to beat Bate. This will be a very good encounter and at the end of the night, could be deemed as the showstealer.

The ‘Super Don’ of FCP is Trent Seven, he’s had some huge matches in the promotion over the years facing the likes of Kevin Steen, Davey Richards (ROH World Champion at the time) and more and this time is no different as he’ll be facing another name from overseas and that is the current TNA X-Division champion Trevor Lee. Lee has impressed mne every time I have seen him on DVD in PWG and other places nand he has wrestled in FCP in the past when he faced fellow American Andrew Everett. There is very much a difference in styles in this match, Seven likes to work what has been coined ‘British Strong Style’ and Lee works a style I myself am a big fan of, the fast-paced, high risk style that is regulary seen in the aforementioned PWG. It will be a interesting match with these clash of styles but nonetheless it should be a cracking encounter.

And the final match announced features current FCP champion MK McKinnan who along with his KYS cohort Damian Dunne, has an invitational challenge. It’s hard to talk about this match of course because I don’t know who the opponets for KYS will be but whoever it is I’m sure KYS will use thier underhanded tactics to try and squeak out a win.

As the show is a few hours away as I type this I am sure anyone that was thinking of going is already planning to but if you can make it to Wolverhampton for about 8pm should really try to because a Fight Club: PRO Friday really is like no other wrestling product in the UK and this here previewer’s favourite promotion.


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