British/Irish Wrestling Round-Up

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At the end of another busy week in British Wrestling, here’s the round up of all the goings on in British and Irish wrestling.


There were plenty of announcements from the Strong Style outfit this week including several more Strong Style 16 competitors being announced to join the eight announced last week, the announced combatants are: David Starr, Tyler Bate, Zack Sabre Jr and Zack Gibson, with Nathan Cruz and Flash Morgan Webster qualifying during Chapter 48.

They’ve also announced a few more dates for future shows, firstly they’ve announced a new date for the O2 Ritz in Manchester, which will be Chapter 52, the show will take place on Sunday 23rd July with tickets going on sale on the 15th of May at 12pm. Also the company have announced a Freedoms Road taping for Monday 19th June at London Dome Tufnell Park.

Also this weekend saw the latest Chapter show, Bang The Drum, took place in Manchester this weekend, headlined by a three way match between Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews and Mark Haskins. Here are the results:

Flash Morgan Webster beat James Drake to advance to SSS17
Jinny beat Session Moth Martina
Sweet Jesus (Pastor William Eaver & Chuck Mambo) beat The London Riots (James Davis and Rob Lynch)
Trent Seven beat Travis Banks
Nathan Cruz beat Rockstar Spud to advance to SSS16
Matt Riddle beat Tyler Bate by DQ after Trent Seven interference
Pete Dunne beat Mark Haskins and Mark Andrews to defend his PROGRESS Championship (During the match there was interference from both Tyler Bate and Trent Seven)
After the match Matt Riddle ran down but got beat down by all three members of British Strong Style. Pete Dunne cuts a promo saying no-one can take on BSS and CCK (Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos) debut!


ICW are currently in the midst of a tour of their ‘Fight Club’ show, which this week has visited Leicester, Cardiff and London, featuring all the favourites from ICW, with Night One including an ICW World Heavyweight Championship match between Joe Coffey and Pete Dunne, the results are as follows:

Night 1: Leicester

Zack Gibson beat BT Gunn
Lionheart beat Jack Jester
The Bucky Boys (Davey Blaze & Stevie Boy) beat Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)
Grado beat Ravie Davie
Wolfgang beat Chris Renfrew
Kenny Williams beat Kay Lee Ray to retain the Zero-G Championship (Zack Gibson stole the Zero-G Title, he will face Kenny Williams on Night Two)
ICW World Heavyweight Champion Joe Coffey beat Sha Samuels (non-title match)

Night Two: Cardiff

Iestyn Rees beat Josh Holly
Wolfgang beat Pete Dunne
BT Gunn Lionheart (Joe Hendry confronts Lionheart after the match and challenges him to an unsanctioned match at Shug’s Hoose Party)
Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) beat Bucky Boys (Davey Blaze & Stevie Boy)
Kenny Williams beat Zack Gibson to retain the Zero-G Championship
Trent Seven beat Sha Samuels
Kay Lee Ray beat Sierra Loxton
Grado beat Chris Renfrew
Mike Bird & Wild Boar beat Modern Culture (Danny Jones & Edwin Ricci) to retain the ICW Tag Team Championships
Joe Coffey beat Jack Jester to retain the ICW World Heavyweight Championship

Night 3 took place in London on the 14th May, as of time of publishing, results were not available.


This week it was announced that three young prospects have been given some high profile matches after impressing at Live at the Cockpit 16. The three youngsters, Kurtis Chapman, Josh Wall and Ashley Dunn. At the Portsmouth Guildhall show on May 28th, Kurtis Chapman and Josh Wall will face CZW Tag Team Champions Scarlet and Graves (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier) and on June 4th at Live at the Cockpit 17 Ashley Dunn will face Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion Josh Bodom, if Bodom is still champion on June 4th, then the title will be on the line.

Speaking of Live at the Cockpit 17, another match announced this past week pits the British Tag Team Champions (Chris Brookes and Travis Banks) against a Suzuki-Gun team of British Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

And, finally there was another announcement this week for the Portsmouth Guildhall show, it was announced that ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey will face Luke ‘Dragon’ Phoenix.


This week it was announced that Matt Riddle will get his OTT No Limits Championship match against Ryan Smile, in what is being promoted as a ‘Riddler’s Smile’ match, quite what this is remains to be seen but it will take place at Outer Space Odyssey on June 4th at Tivoli Theatre in Dublin. It was also announced that Kay Lee Ray will be making an appearance.


The full brackets for the Canadian Qualifiers of the World Cup were announced this week, the full list of matches and results are as follows:

First Round:
Michael Elgin vs Rene Dupree
Tyson Dux vs Kyle O’Reilly
Franky The Mobster vs Davey Boy Smith Jr
‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey vs Brent Banks

Non-tournament matches
WCPW Champion Joe Hendry vs El Ligero
WCPW Internet Champion Gabriel Kidd vs Zack Sabre Jr
Tarik vs Buck Gunderson

Elsewhere, during a busy week for WCPW matches were announced for their Edinburgh on the 27th May, these matches include a WCPW Championship rematch between Joe Hendry and Martin Kirby, what promises to be a big man slugfest between Joe Coffey and Rampage. Dave Mastiff will make his singles debut following his first appearance in the WCPW Championship rumble match, he will face El Ligero in the Scottish capital. There’s another few debutante set for Edinburgh as Sha Samuels is scheduled to face Drake, WCPW will also get a slice of Session Moth style as Session Moth Martina débuts to face Viper. Elsewhere on the card Prospect (Lucas Archer & Alex Gracie) will face Kid Fite & Lou King Sharp, Hardcore action will hit Scotland in a three way match pitting Primate, Scotty Wainwright and Bad Bones against each other, and finally WCPW Internet Champion Gabriel Kidd will take on Kenny Williams

WCPW have also been busy announcing names for the live return of their Loaded show on June 2nd, so far the names announced are: Moss & Slater, El Ligero, Bea Priestley and Prospect.

Fight Club: PRO

In case you missed it last week, the following match announcements were made for Fight Club Pro DTTI Hangover on May 19th. International singles challenge as Kay Lee Ray faces Stardom’s High Speed Champion Kris Wolf. A six-man challenge match: Joe Coffey vs Jimmy Havoc vs Angelico vs Wolfgang vs Jordan Devlin vs Dan Maloney and a FCP Championship match between Travis Banks and Trent Seven. Also another big announcement was a ‘Fans Bring the Alcohol’ Match between Shay Purser and Session Moth Martina, in what promises to be a 5 Star Match if there ever was one…

Lucha Forever

Somewhat negative news now, as it was announced this week that Lucha Forever and Fight Nation’s joint show in London has been postponed. A statement was posted on social media by the promoters that reads as follows:

With great reluctance, we are going to have to postpone Fight! Forever set for this Sunday, 14th May.

Due to several logistics and some uncertainty in communications we are postponing the event, and will be working extremely hard to bring you this card in July.

Now we understand for many of you this could mean lost plans, wasted travel and we can only apologise for any inconveniences this has caused.

We have worked very hard to try and iron some of these issues out, but we are left with only this solution at hand.

All tickets are subject to refund, however if you would like to transfer your ticket over to the re-scheduled event (all to be confirmed soon) or another Lucha Forever event you can do so. Please just send us a message

We were extremely excited to bring this specific card for our fans and I can only reiterate as stated above we will work to deliver if not this but an even bigger card for the London card scheduled for July.

We are still set for Southampton on May 18th and Birmingham on May 25th.

Again, apologies from all the parties who worked behind the scenes on the event and myself.

ATTACK! Pro Wrestling

The Welsh based promotion held their Teenagers With Attitude show this past weekend, here’s what happened:

Dan Maloney beat ECDREW in the guise of Paul Heyman, Love Making Demon & Kyle
Ryan Smile beat Elijah
Tyler Bate & Bowlarama (Fat Katt Lloyd & Splits McPins) beat Anti Fun Police (Damien Dunne & Hunter Brothers)
Tyler Bate beat Fat Katt Lloyd for the ATTACK 24/7 Title
Travis Banks beat Flash Morgan Webster
Defend Indy Wrestling (Pete Dunne, Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews) beat #CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) and Shay Purser


An ‘international grudge match’ was announced on IPW social media this week. Following an attack by Big Grizzly on Angelico at IPW’s last Supershow in April, the match will take place in Rochester, Kent on May 21st.

This week IPW announced an international guest for their July 2nd show in Harlow, Kent, as former WWE and WCW cruiserweight star Juventud Guerrera will face off against All-England Champion Sammy Smooth with the title on the line.

Also, it was announced that recent Indy darling Keith Lee will be making his way to the UK, specifically with IPW on July 23rd.

WAW & Bellatrix

Both WAW and Bellatrix have events this weekend, first of all Bellatrix held their Queen of the Ring tournament, the results were:

Miss Mina beat Jennie B (Queen of the Ring Quarter Final)
Amber Rox beat Lissy Lennox (Queen of the Ring Quarter Final)
Lauren beat Leia Elise (Queen of the Ring Quarter Final)
Queen Maya beat Rhio (Queen of the Ring Quarter Final)
Connie Steele beat Zan
Miss Mina beat Amber Rox (Queen of the Ring Semi Final)
Queen Maya beat Lauren (Queen of the Ring Semi Final)
The Angelics (Erin Angel & Xia Brookside) Saraya and Nikki Knight beat Sigma (Amarah, Innocence, Shax and Domina)
Jetta beat El Daluna
Alex Windsor beat Lory to win the Bellatrix World Championship
Queen Maya beat Miss Mina (Queen of the Ring Final)

On the WAW Side, they held a ‘Wrestling Weekender’ over the weekend of 13th and 14th May, here’s what happened there:

Show One:

Ricky Knight opened the show with a promo challenging Alberto El Patron to change his World Heavyweight title match into a Norwich Street Fight, commissioner Scott Hall says Alberto accepts his challenge.
Kip Sabian beat Alex Young & Zak Zodiac
King Kendo beat Cyanide
Six-Way Match to win the right to face Rey Mysterio on Show 2: Peter Nixon beat Brad O’Brien, Oliver Carter, Matt Walters, Villman & Chris Silvio
Luke Hawx beat Nathan Cruz & Bram
Mr Anderson, Ringo Ryan and Rocker Richards beat The Midas Stable (Robin Lekime, Alex Drooge and Keegan) and Team Scotland (Liam Thomson, Drew Marshall and Malky Taggart)
Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) beat El Hijo De Dos Caras & Frankie Sloan, Aaron Sharp & Jonny Storm and The Battlekats (PJ Knight & Battlekat CT)
Scott Hall informs Mr Anderson that he needs to find two partners to face Team EWW on Show 2
Sigma (Hallows, Ruffneck & Scaramouche) beat Team EWW (Titan, AWOL & Exodus)
British Rules Match: James Mason beat Jimmy Ocean by two falls to one
Roy Knight beat Ricky Knight Jr (After the match Ricky Knight Sr ambushed Roy and Ricky Jr, slamming Jr onto the entrance ramp, then called out World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron, who enters through the crowd and the two brawl up the ramp until officials separated them.

Show Two:

The show opens with Zak Knight congratulating his brother Roy on his 25th Anniversary in wrestling. His father, Ricky Sr comes out and says he is solely responsible for Roy’s career before attacking him.
Sky’s The Limit contract match: Brad O’Brien beat Matt Walters, Liam Thomson, Milky O’Hagan, Marvel Marcus, Rocker Richards, Oliver Carter, Groza, PJ Knight, Chris Silvio and Salomon Strid
Hallows beat King Kendo
Three Way Tag Match: Nathan Cruz & Jonny Storm beat Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) and Robin Lekime & Aaron Sharp
Bram beat El Hijo De Dos Caras by referee stoppage
Ruffneck vs Kenny Killbaine ended in double disqualification after both men attack the ref
Eight-Man Tag Match: Mr Anderson, Luke Hawx, Cyanide & Ringo Ryan beat Sonny Smasher & Team EWW
Three Way Match: Rey Mysterio beat Kip Sabian & Peter Nixon
The UK Hooligans (Zak and Roy Knight) beat Old School (Alex Young and Ricky Knight Jr) (Ricky Knight Jr turned on his partner, which let UK Hooligans get the win)
King of the Old School Match: James Mason beat Jimmy Ocean, Ivan Trevors & Bash
WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship Norwich Street Fight: Alberto El Patron beat Ricky Knight (Mr Anderson, Jimmy Ocean, Ivan Trevors and Hot Stuff were at ringside and attacked Alberto every time he left the ring.

Pro Wrestling Chaos

PWC have announced two matches for their June 3rd Show, UnBROlievable, Matt Riddle will face Mike Bird and Eddie Ryan will face Alex Steele in a number one contender-ship for the King of Chaos title.

HOPE Wrestling

HOPE Wrestling held Sacrifice Pro Wrestling Chapter Two: I Was Saying Boo-urns this weekend in Leighton Buzzard. Here are the results from that card:

Pre Show: Max Thomson beat Jacob Daniels
Golden Tag Team Tournament Qualifier Eight Man Tag Match; Two Teams Advance, Two Go Home: Los Palaminos (Tivy Lee & Frankie Vegas) & Black Mafia (Morgan Black and Anthony Mafia) beat Weather Warning (Twister & Blizzard) & Banks and Nelson (Warren Banks & Kent Nelson) to advance
El Jefe was originally scheduled to face Josh Shooter, but due to injury El Jefe isn’t at the event, so Josh Shooter issues an open challenge to anyone in the back. Gene Munny answers the challenge.
Gene Munny beat Josh Shooter
Jayde beat Bea Priestley
Shogun J beat Ashley Dunn
Hustle Malone beat Owen Charles
Falls Count Anywhere: Drew Parker beat Kai Payne

Premier British Wrestling

The Scottish outfit will hold a show in Dumbarton on June 3rd, and this week they announced that Pete Dunne will face Kenny Williams.

Pro Wrestling Pride

Exeter based promotion Pro Wrestling Pride held a show on May 7th featuring stand out British talent and a special appearance from Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Low-Ki. Here are the results:

Chris Andrews & Rockstar Spud beat Iestyn Rees & Joel Redman
PWP Catch Division Championship Match: Joshua Knott beat Grado to retain
A Rumble match was won by John Harding
Impact X-Division Champion Low-Ki beat Ultimo Tiger
PWP Women’s Championship Match: Bobbi Tyler beat Jayde to retain
PWP Heavyweight Championship Four-Way Elimination No Disqualification Match: Bram beat Eddie Ryan, Tyler Hawke and Gideon

British Wrestling Worldwide

With ROH & NJPW in the midst of their yearly War of the Worlds tour, British favourites Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll have been keeping busy over the last few days. On Night One, Will Ospreay was defeated by Cody (Rhodes) on Night Two however he was on the winning side while teaming with his CHAOS stable-mates Baretta, Hirooki Goto and Rocky Romero as they beat the Bullet Club team of Cody, Hangman Page and The Young Bucks. He also had a stand-out match against Jay White on the actual PPV, a match which has had much acclaim straight out of the gate.

However, the biggest development of the weekend came via Marty Scurll, it started out well as he defeated Cheeseburger on Night Two to retain his ROH World Television Title, and retained it again the next night against Matt Sydal, the really newsworthy development took place later in the night as Kenny Omega introduced ‘The Villain’ as the newest member of The Bullet Club, Marty then helped kick Adam Cole out the group, seemingly laying the groundwork for Cole’s departure from ROH and emergence in NXT.

The British duo also took part in the TV tapings following the War of the Worlds PPV, first off new Bullet Club member Marty Scurll lost his TV Title to KUSHIDA, following a ‘lights out’ interference from Adam Cole, Will Ospreay was also on the losing side as he and fellow CHOAS members Gedo and Hirooki Goto were beaten by The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Finally, the TV tapings closed with Marty Scurll beating Adam Cole in a Philadelphia Street Fight

Away from ROH, Zack Sabre Jr fell to Michael Elgin at a AAW Show last week in Chicago (we missed this from last weeks write-up), with the two set to square off for Smash Wrestling on the 14th (result not available at time of writing). However he did manage to pick up a win over David Starr at CZW Sacrifices.

Rockstar Spud had another key role in this past weeks Impact Wrestling broadcast following on from being attacked by Swoggle, armed with a hammer, he featured this week laid up in bed injured.

A few British wrestlers also took part in a show for Championship of Wrestling in Germany on the 13th May, firstly Jake McCluskey beat Alexander James later in the show, a match between IPW:UK World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Havoc became a double Championship match against Tristan Archer, the cOw Interstate Champion. Jimmy Havoc won the match to become a double champion and the first ever Brit to win the cOw Interstate Championship.

And that wraps us up for another busy week in British Wrestling. Don’t forget to tweet your opinions and follow us on Twitter at @NathanKenMajor and @KurtJohansson93.

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