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Zoe Lucas is a trainee at Rev-Pro and is also host of the Rev-Pro TV show on YouTube.

For those out there who don’t know who you are, could you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name’s Zoe Lucas and I am currently the host of Rev-Pro TV and a trainee at Revolution Pro Wrestling.

Could you tell us how you came to be involved in the world of wrestling?

I’ve always loved wrestling since I was a little girl. I use to watch Raw and Smackdown with my brothers and I’d always end up being their crash test dummy! I wanted to start wrestling when I was younger but I was always told it’s not something girls do and it wasn’t until recently that I gained the courage to start to train.

You are a trainee currently, where do you train and who trains you?

I train at Revolution Pro Wrestling in Portsmouth, where the head trainer is Andy Boy Simmonz. Thanks to both Simmonz and Andy Quildan’s great connections, we are always having guest trainers. Not so long ago, we were lucky enough to have a 3 week seminar with Rocky Romero, where we gained so much knowledge from his experience in both Japan and Mexico.

Apart from being a trainee, you are also a dancer, cheerleader and model. Do you think your skills from dancing and cheer leading in particular has helped the transition to wrestling?

My dance and cheer background have helped me mainly in the fitness aspect of wrestling but also with how to interact with the crowd and hopefully how to win them over.

Currently, you’re a presenter on the Rev Pro TV show which is uploaded to YouTube, how did that opportunity come about and is it something you enjoy?

It was pretty straightforward really, Andy Quildan the promoter of Revolution Pro Wrestling, approached me about being the host and I said yes. I’d have been a fool to turn it down! I absolutely love it! I mean who wouldn’t?! I get all the upcoming scoops on one of the best and biggest Pro Wrestling companies in the country to date!

The women’s wrestling scene within the UK is a killer’s rows of talent, what can you bring to it that isn’t currently there?

The UK women’s scene at the moment is full of hard hitting, aggressive brawlers and with my cheer and dance background, I believe I can bring more of an entertainment factor. I know I can entertain the crowd like no one else and I’m determined to be the best, hopefully when I get my chance, the fans will see that.

Women’s wrestling is now scene as so much more than the sideshow it was once perceived to be, in your opinion, what’s forced this change?

I think it’s simply because the women’s talent over the last few years has grown to such a high standard, that it’s been impossible to ignore. People have finally realised it would be foolish to continue to try and bracket women’s wrestling as just a bit of T&A.

Is there anyone out there you would love to go up against, whether it’s a UK talent or worldwide?

It would be an honour to go up against British legend Saraya Knight, I may not survive the match but it would be a privilege.

Is there anyone you train with that we should keep an eye out for in the future?

Rev-Pro training school is full of so much new talent but there are a few people who stand out. Lord Gideon Grey and James Castle have both recently taken a big leap to RevPro’s main shows. They are both incredibly talented and are defiantly ones to watch! It won’t be long before they both take the British scene by storm.

What’s in the pipeline for you for the remainder of the year?

Hopefully my debut at Rev Pro’s Contender shows and many more episodes of Rev Pro TV!

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

Rev-Pro live at London Cockpit, May 3rd Rev-Pro Summer Sizzler, York Hall June 14th. And if you’re in the Norfolk area, check out the small upcoming promotion Falling Starr.

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Thanks to Zoe for taking the time to participate in this interview.

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