White Tiger Interview

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White Tiger is a masked wrestler from the UK, taking his cues from Japan and Mexico; he mixes these styles and has one all of his own.

For the ones who aren’t familiar with you, could you please introduce yourself?

Hi everyone, I’m White Tiger, I’m 5’9 and 200lb. I’m a masked wrestler from the U.K. I describe myself as a wrestler who can do a little bit of everything; from ground submission to high flying. Don’t let the mask fool you, I’m always ready to put on a show. Too hot to handle and too cold to hold.

You were trained by UK vet Majik, how did you get in contact with him and how was the experience of being trained by him?

I met Majik a long time ago. I was always a fan of wrestling and wanted to give it a go but it was my friend Matt (I always talked about finding a school), that got me the information and my cousin Richard that went with me the first training day.

Majik was the head trainer at MPW and worked with me and the others and really showed us what it took to be a wrestler. Things from a waist lock to a flying head scissors. He was always full stories of his tryout at OVW and just the info alone, was great. I’m happy to still to this day, call him one of my very best friends

Could you tell us how you came up with the ‘White Tiger’ gimmick? Is there a Japanese or Mexican influence?

The White Tiger name was given to me by Majik. My first match came up and I needed a name. Majik had seen my tattoo and the rest is as they say history. The mask was my idea, as I love the whole mask deal, the not knowing what you look like. Plus, at the time, there were only me and a few others that wore masks. Tiger is very influenced by the Japanese style more than the Mexican. I watched a lot of Japanese matches like Tiger Mask and Ultimo Dragon. Dragon Gate was always on.

Starting out, you worked for MPW, do you remember your early days there?

MPW was great for starting out, a lot of hungry people, male and female giving it a go in the wrestling business. Some I still see to this day and I’m very proud of my time there.

SWA was home to many matches for you, what was the appeal of working for them?

SWA was my first real promotion outside of MPW that I worked for, under Peter Murphy at the time. Peter helped a lot with ring work and chair wrestling. He was similar to Majik, as he was always showing you how to make yourself better.

At your time at SWA, you won the T-Division Championship, what was that like winning the belt?

The SWA T-Division title was my first title. I lost the title to “The Bull” in a bull rope match. I didn’t have it long, so I can’t really say much about it. I enjoyed being the champion for as long as I held the belt.

You’ve also been a part of the tag team Yin-Yang with The Last Ninja, whose idea was it to put you two together and what do you think made you a good team?

3CW just put us together. They needed a tag team; Ninja and I were willing to do anything to get booked at the time. We both loved Japanese wrestling and I think it showed in our matches. We are both high flyers and were very hungry. We were very fortunate to tag with PAC (WWE’s Neville), which is a personal highlight of mine.

Recently, you’ve been wrestling for LCW and BSW, can we expect you to be winning some belts whilst you’re there?

LCW is home now and I’m training with some great guys and a great teacher-Joe Buckton aka Joseph Conners at LCW Elevation (see Facebook for details). It’s always great to get the opportunity to win titles and go on to bigger and better things. LCW and BSW have a lot of great stars; from Paul Malen to Stixx. If I want to win a title, overcoming stars like that can only make you better.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

The plan for the rest of the year is simply get better, always to get better. With hard work and training, the only person that stops you, is you! More matches more promotions.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

Look up LCW and LCW Elevation to see White Tiger and great wrestling in Enderby for upcoming shows. Thanks to Joe Conners, Mike Connell, Luke Cashel, Liam and Ben Carroll, John Shipley and Daniel Standring. For giving me opportunities and just helping me get better at what I love.

Right, that’s enough kissing ass! For updates on White Tiger, look me up on Facebook and give me a like

Thanks to Tiger for taking part in this interview.

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