VPW (Vertigo Pro Wrestling) Interview

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VPW is a new promotion in Cardiff, Wales. With the first show ‘The First Frontier’ in the books which featured talents such as Dave Mastiff, Jonny Storm and Mike Bird and with a second show ‘Round Two:Fight’ planned for June 20th, they are a promotion to keep an eye on.

Dale Hawkins from VPW took time out from planning to speak to us.

What was the idea behind starting a wrestling promotion?

Basically, in a nutshell, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Since I was in school, I always ‘fantasy booked’ and always have been interested in that side of wrestling; the storylines, characters, production, it was all massively appealing. In recent years, I felt the market was in the right place and that I had a solid vision of what Vertigo Pro would be and felt it was now or never.

Did you run into any problems trying to get it up and running and any problems with finding a venue?

At first, everything was a struggle because despite being a fan, I had no real connection with any wrestler or companies. I literally just went in blind hoping for the best. So nothing really came easy and there were several times where things nearly imploded but it was all a valuable learning curve for the future. In regards to the venue however, it took a while to find the right location as I wanted my shows to look a certain way but once I found the Gate (in Cardiff) I just knew we were rolling.

Are there any wrestlers you wanted for the first show that weren’t available?

Many! I approached so many guys and I think maybe it was in part because we were new and also because of how packed the UK scene is now, I got turned down by many. Kenny Williams and Wild Boar were both originally scheduled to take part at Frontier but due to travel issues, had to pull out but despite such issues, I believe we still produced a great end product for a debut show. Other than those guys, I don’t want to name names as we’re still working on introducing many new faces to the company and wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise!

Can you say what the plans are in the future for VPW?

Right now, our main goal is to build brand awareness and grow our audience, we have to walk before we run. But plans are in place for when we reach such a point.

How successful was the first show?

As a show, there were a couple of issues but nothing dramatic and the show certainly built as we went along, it all goes back to the learning curves. I was happy but saw room for improvement right across the board. All of these things will be better next time on June 20th, that’s a guarantee.

Will women be featured in VPW?

Short answer is…YES! We want to integrate them in, in such a way that is logical and productive to the company and the women themselves. Same goes for tag team action.

Is having merchandise such as t-shirts, DVDs etc are a priority?

Without a doubt, we are working to that end.

There are a number of Welsh wrestling companies, what makes yours different?

I believe our presentation of the first show was different in how it looked, with the video screen, the lighting and also the building itself. It’s hard to say in general right now what defines us after only one show but let’s revisit this question in a years’ time and this answer will be much longer.

Do you hope to attract international talent?

Yes and you will see some movement on that front in the coming months.

Have any local businesses been helpful with promotion at all?

Advertisement is something we’re currently looking into and so far the response has been very positive. The Gate themselves as a venue has also been very helpful since day one of us working together.

What’s the VPW motto?

Hmm tricky one, as I don’t believe we have one. But I would definitely say that as a new company that’s hungry to grow and succeed, we believe in finding what makes us great and push it to its max.

Check out Vertigo Pro Wrestling on Facebook, @_VERTIGOPRO_ on Twitter and the Vertigo Pro channel on YouTube, where you can view Vertigo Pro TV Episode 1.

Thanks to Dale for taking the time to answer the questions.

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