Violet Vendetta Interview

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Violet Vendetta is the self styled ‘pro wrestling’s tattooed 50’s pin up’. She’s feisty and a hell of a worker.

For the people who haven’t heard of you, how would you describe yourself?

I’m pro wrestling’s tattooed 50’s pin up; I’m pretty like a butterfly but sting like a bee.

You started out as a valet; in your opinion was that a good way to get your bearings in wrestling?

It was definitely a good way! I learnt so much about the crowds and crowd work from being a valet. It helped me find my character as a big bad heel too.

In your debut, you faced Dani Brooks on a UKW card, looking back, how was that match?

Honestly, I look back and cringe lol. But I also look back and see that I have improved so much since that first match, with my wrestling ability and my confidence.

The second match for UKW you faced Shanna, who has gone on to feature in TNA, what’s it like knowing you’ve faced someone who’s been deemed good enough for TNA?

I am very honoured! I loved wrestling Shanna, she taught me a lot that day in our match, I can’t thank her enough.

Are there any female grapplers on the scene that have caught your eye?

Viper! She’s incredible. I’ve only ever wrestled her once and that was in a tag match when I first officially started wrestling again. I’d love to go one on one with her.

You train with Stixx at House Of Pain, is there anyone there that’s about to hit the scene we should know about?

The Living Dead Girl, Felony. She’s made appearances for a few promotions already, I love her character and I very much enjoy wrestling her too.

The UK scene in the last couple of years has exploded, why do you think that is?

There’s a hell of a lot more promotions now, which is a good thing for wrestlers that are wanting more exposure and getting the chance to work for new places up and down the UK.

Is there a certain promotion you’d like to wrestle for that you’ve not had chance to yet?

I would love to work for New Generation Wrestling, Progress Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling. I would gladly work as a wrestler or valet as I still love to work as a valet too.

Kamikaze Pro held their first women’s match with you versus Nixon, what was it like knowing they had faith in you both to be the first female grapplers for them?

It was very exciting! And I enjoyed every moment of it. That is actually one of my favourite matches to date!

TNA Bootcamp 2 featured some top UK female talent, is that something you’d like to star in?

At this moment in time? No. That’s only because my nerves would ruin it for me lol. But never say never!

Is there anything else you’d like to add or plug?

I have a fan page on Facebook if you would all be so kind to ‘Like’ Violet Vendetta. And a Twitter account to follow @VioletVendetta.

On Friday 1st May, I go one on one with Lana Austin for the first time this year at Pro Wrestling 4 U at the Holy Trinity Centre in Stoke on Trent.

Thanks Violet for taking time out to answer the questions.

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