Vicky Vickstitch Interview

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How did you get into the world of fashioning wrestling gear and how was your first attempt?

I studied fashion design ages ago and we knew a lot of people in wrestling as my husband had wrestled for a while. His was the first stuff I made, which, for early attempts, went well. People asked about his attire and we started making stuff for friends in the business and it just slowly built from that.

Any design in particular you’ve been most proud of and why?

We have done so many awesome and unique designs for people that it’s really hard to pick one but some of the ladies gear we make and the more gimmicky or culty stuff are the more memorable and fun stuff to make for example Bubblegums Adventure Time and his Buzz Lightyear trunks. Lana Austin always has fun stuff too and that’s just to name just a couple. More recently we have started sponsoring Kid Fite, Lionheart, Bubblegum and Damien Dunne. We also come up with fun and cool ideas between us and them and the guys also send some really awesome design ideas, which is often the more fun stuff to make, those designs also get a lot of attention which is good for all of us.

Is making the outfits a full time job and is it something you want to do for as long as possible?

It is our full time job and we are building a massive customer base which just keeps growing and growing So yeah, this is what we hope to continue doing for a living for as long as possible. (BIG THANKS TO OUR AWESOME CUSTOMERS!).

Have you ever looked at someone’s gear in TNA or WWE and thought that is awful?

We don’t really watch much wrestling (don’t have the time), but sometimes yeah we see what people are wearing and looking for any cool ideas and yeah some stuff we see we do sometimes think that is awful but more often than not it’s a good source of inspiration from a design perspective.

Has anyone ever sent you an idea for a design and you’ve thought, “no way am I making that!”?

Yeah this does happen a lot, although we usually will offer an idea or an alternative. In this case, it’s very, very rare that we would answer with ‘we’re not making that’ but it has happened. Sometimes people send a design that you know has been directly copied from someone else’s gear that they’ve seen, directly from WWE or TNA or sometimes from an off the shelf supplier. In these cases if we are aware then we wouldn’t make them but would offer an alternative idea or help with another design. A big problem can be that most stuff has already been done so it’s a case of putting a new spin on something sometimes, also some stuff can’t be done but trying to explain that to a customer on a message is really tough. We are never willing to compromise quality in favour of getting something to look a certain way, we know what will work, what will last and what is feasible and sometimes a design may conflict with this but we just do what we can to steer people in the right direction.

Do you have a design in particular that someone else has made and you wish you had?

Nothing really springs to mind to be honest; we just do what we do and are always happy we have done the best with what we are given as ideas. That’s we focus on really, not so much what another supplier is doing.

Is there a talent in particular you would like to make an outfit for?

We have never made anything for Kris Travis but have offered him a set of gear free when he returns to the ring other than that, not really. I suppose making ring gear for the more famous names in the business is always something we would aim for but we are happy with the customers we have. It’s especially nice when they make the effort to tag pictures of them in our gear and especially when they come back again and again as they are happy with what we do and the service we provide.
Has being in the ring yourself ever crossed your mind?

My husband has done it but it’s not something I’d want to do (nor him anymore).I did attend a training school for a while but it was never my intention to be involved in an actual match.

Would you ever want to cross over into mainstream fashion?

It’s not something we would ever rule out but this is a great niche for us and we are so busy that I don’t see how we would ever have time to make anything different.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks to all of our customers and keep the designs coming, as we love what we are doing and hope you do too. Anyone interested in looking us up we are contactable via Facebook. Thanks to the guys we sponsor for doing such a great job in the ring and spreading the word about us and what we have to offer and thank you Matt, for the opportunity to answer these questions.

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