Tyson T-Bone Interview

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Picture Credit: (c)Tony Knox

T-Bone is a veteran of the UK scene, having wrestled for most of the promotions around the UK, he also holds the distinction of becoming the very first PCW champion.

For those of us not familiar with you, could you describe yourself?

Hahaha, erm….a rude, obnoxious, tattooed, passionate, blue eyed, honest, arsehole!

Where did you start training and who trained you and how did you find the training sessions initially?

I started out in a school which was local to me for a very short time, before having the chance to do some training at the infamous Killer Kowakski School in America. Upon returning to UK, I surrounded myself with people such as Jack Storm, Spud and Dave Mastiff. Then I started at Brookside’s School Of Wrestling.

At the start of your career, you wrestled for quite a few promotions including Welsh Wrestling, Celtic Wrestling, Irish Whip Wrestling among others. Are there any matches from this time that stick in your mind?

Yeah definitely, one match in particular was a hair vs hair match, against a guy called Caiman, the match was to raise money for Cancer Research, as my mother had recently been taken by it and still to this day regard it as a career highlight!

Whilst wrestling for 1PW you faced Dave Moralez (the future Dave Mastiff), were there any signs then as to the beast he would become?

Simply put….. YES! The guy had everything then, now he’s just got better and knows how to use everything correctly!

In VPW, you faced WWF/E star D-Lo Brown, how was that experience facing someone who has wrestled for the world’s biggest promotion?

It was a great opportunity, as I’d only been wrestling 5 minutes at that point; it was a step up and learn fast moment!

Throughout your career, you’ve wrestled many of the mainstays of the UK scene, is there one match you could name that you’ve had that has stood out for you?

Anytime I stepped in a ring with Trav, he’s someone who I see as I genuine friend and somone who makes me work to 110%, no matter how I’m feeling!

In 2011 you became the first ever PCW champion, how was that experience?

Shocked and grateful at the time as I wasn’t sure I was the ‘that guy’ material, especially not as a good guy like they wanted but I’ve learnt a hell of a lot from it!

PCW has become one of the premier promotions in the country, why do you think that is?

That’s a good question, the way it’s run as a business and not as a fan wanting to be Vince, personally I think has a lot to do with it. The make sure all the talent used is of a certain calibre; I don’t think they do a show where there is a weak match.

Is there anything else you’d like to add or plug?

If anyone wants tattoos, feel free to come ask me and if I like the idea, I’ll empty your wallet and do it! You can contact me through Facebook.

Thanks to T-Bone for taking time out for this interview.

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