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Toni Storm is an Australian who is plying her trade on the UK scene, she was also part of the first women’s cage match in the UK against Nixon Newell.

For the people who don’t know you, could you tell us a few facts about yourself?

My name is Toni Storm and I’m an Australian wrestler that now lives in the UK. I’ve been wrestling for about 5 years now, starting at the age of 13.

Being from Australia, how does the scene there compare to the one in the UK?

It’s most certainly a lot busier over here than it is in Australia. Australia has quite a few companies that are doing really well but the shows in the UK are definitely more consistent. The main reason for this I think, is because Australia is such a big country, making it harder to travel from show to show.

There have been some notable talents that have come from Australia, Thunder in CMLL, Nathan Jones who was with WWE and fought in Pride, Emma in WWE and Buddy Murphy in NXT. What is it about Oz that makes good grapplers?

There must be something in the water haha! Australia is producing so many incredible talents and it’s improving so much. Australian talent is on the rise and more and more of us Aussies are being noticed worldwide.

You’ve faced a trail blazer for Australian women’s wrestling, Kellie Skater, how was that experience?

I learnt a lot Kellie. She is one of the most respected female wrestlers in the world and getting to work with someone like her, only made me want to push myself even harder to improve. I can definitely say, I took a lot away from the matches I’ve had with her.

Female wrestlers are still seen as inferior to their male counterparts, what would you do if were in charge of WWE/TNA to combat this?

The female talent worldwide is getting more and more popular. The female talent is improving at an unbelievable rate and with more emphasis put on women’s wrestling, the more we will be less seen as “inferior” to our male counterparts.

You’ve been trained by a legend of the UK scene, Dean Allmark, how did that come about and how have you found his training?

When I first came to England, I found out that I wasn’t far from the school that he runs. Dean has taught me so much and given such great advice that has helped me to achieve more and more success. I am so lucky to be one of his students and have the biggest respect for him and all he has helped me with.

There are a lot of highly skilled female grapplers on the UK scene right now, who has impressed you the most?

There are so many! I honestly can’t put my finger on a certain girl, as there are too many and it will take me hours to decide on one! The women over here are tremendous competitors.

Saraya Knight is pretty much considered the queen of British wrestling, she is someone you’ve faced on a few occasions, what was it like facing her?

I have faced Saraya Knight a couple of times for All-Star Wrestling. She is by far, the toughest lady I have ever faced, by far! I can’t tell you enough how tough she is.

You’ve competed in Japan for REINA, how did you find the Japanese style and would you go there again?

I only did a short tour of Japan but I took so much away from it. Japan is definitely a place I plan on going back to and as soon as the opportunity comes up, I’ll be there again.

Stardom is currently seen as the place for women’s wrestling in Japan, have you ever seen any of their product and is competing there something you see happening in the future?

I watch Stardom a little more than I should, haha! To wrestle for Stardom is a huge dream of mine, I really hope to achieve that one day.

Is signing with WWE/TNA the end goal or are you content with touring the indys in the UK, Australia and beyond?

WWE/TNA is always going to be the main goal. I love touring the indys, I’m learning so much, doing really well and having fun whilst I do it but I’m never satisfied with where I am and want to reach the very top. I won’t stop until I get there either.

Has any match you’ve had so far in your career stood out?

I always get stuck on this question. I’ve really enjoyed working with Viper, she definitely a stand out to me also. I’ve really enjoyed working for companies such as PCW and PROGRESS as well.

Is there anything you’d like to add or plug?

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Thanks to Toni for taking part in this interview.

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