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Thunder Rosa is a female wrestler, best known for her work in one of the premier women’s promotions in Japan, Stardom. She is also looking to make her mark on the UK scene, so UK promoters-book her!

For those in the UK who aren’t aware of you, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Thunder Rosa, I’m from Tijuana Mexico but I live and train in Pacifica California at the APW Goldmine wrestling school. I had been part of the business for about three years but I had been training since December 2013. I debuted on November 2014 at a Pro Championship Wrestling event in Chico California. I’m still trying to redefine my style, I’m learning different styles (Lucha, Japanese and American) and I’m trying to use different things in my move set.

Apart from being a wrestler, you also took some classes in jiu-jitsu, do you think those skills helped in the transition to wrestling?

In the States, I started to take jiu-jitsu classes in order to use some of the submissions as my finishers.

Starting out in the world of wrestling, you were trained by Dylan Drake and Matt Carlos, what was that experience like?

My coaches are awesome, Matt and Dylan trained in the same school but they have very different styles of wrestling. They are very special as far as making every movement count, telling the story, the psychology of things. They had been hard on me on many occasions to make me better and tougher and they are very supportive when we want to be creative in our matches.

Do you remember your first match at all?

Yes I do, it was against Amanda Rotten and it as a squash match. I was very nervous and I did not do very much but I had a lot of fun. Amanda Rotten/ Kykio is such wonderful worker and she really took care of me. I have had several matches with her and its always fun to work with her.

You’ve spent time in Japan with Stardom, the promotion seems to be the premier promotion for female wrestlers in Japan, what’s the appeal of working for them?

First off, working for Stardom could be such a pivotal place to launch your career as a wrestler; sharing the training and the ring with many of the ‘sempais’ (older students) and young talent there is humbling and an honour. These girls have dedicated their lives to become a professional wrestler and they work on this craft every day. It is mesmerizing to see them in the ring and to see some amazing matches.

This was one of the main things why it was so appealing for me to come to Japan. In addition to that; working with other girls from all over the world makes my experience bigger and better. The network that exists here is invaluable and I had been able to outreach to some amazing people! I love Stardom.

As well as working in Japan, you’ve worked the regional circuit in the States, working for promotions such as GGP, FSP, WFC and Vendetta Pro. With Vendetta Pro being an NWA affiliate, is working towards the title something that you’d like to do?

When I return to the States, I definitely will. I would love to work more for Vendetta and to win the respect of my other colleagues and fans. I think everyone at one point works to obtain a title and it would be a great honour to achieve this.

Out of all the matches you’ve had thus far, is there one that stands out for you?

My match with Mayu, in the Cinderella tournament (a one night tournament for a shot at the title). She is a tough competitor, with an intense heart, who is an amazing wrestling and showmanship abilities. She is younger than me but Jesus she is a tough cookie! I’m more than blessed to have worked with her and to learn many things from her.

The UK scene is booming at the moment, is a tour of the UK something you would be interested in, in the future?

The UK? Are you kidding me?!? Of course, I would love to go to the UK! One of my main goals before I started training to become a wrestler was to utilize wrestling as my tool to travel the world! So yes, if you know anyone that wants to book young talent, please let me know!

What are your plans for the remainder of the year?

My plan for the rest of the year is to continue my training at Goldrush and focus on tuning my wrestling abilities. I want people to think of me of not only a charismatic character but I want them to know that I can wrestle and that I am just as tough as a guy is.

I also want to wrestle in Southern California and to start branching out outside of the State of California. By the end of the year, I want to go to Mexico for a month or two, to train with my dear friend Starfire from WWS and learn the lucha style and perhaps perform in some shows there. I know this sounds like a lot but you have got to set big goals in order not to stay stagnant.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

I guess that if you are a girl, who wants to become a pro wrestler, to first respect the sport and join for the right reasons. This is not for everyone; it requires you to make sacrifices, personal and physical. It requires you to become mentally and physically tough. It requires patience, understanding and being appreciative of the little or big things you can accomplish with it.
I’m very happy and blessed with the opportunities have been granted to me for the hard work and sacrifices that I and my loved ones had made in order for me to be in the place that I am. Dream big, work hard, be positive and always be willing to learn and to listen.

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Thanks to Thunder Rosa for taking time out from her busy schedule to participate in this interview.

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