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Ad Hutchinson wrestles at the BattleArts Academy in Canada as The British Brawler. He trains under the Japanese legend Yuki Ishikawa and ex WWE star Santino Marella.

For those who aren’t aware of you, could you describe yourself?

For those few who aren’t aware, let me introduce myself, I go by the name of The British Brawler. I’m a very aggressive and in your face type of character. People love to boo me over here and for some fucked up reason, I thrive off it, my entrance song is currently “God Save The Queen’ by the Sex Pistols, hopefully that song will give you some sense of my attitude when I walk through those curtains.

Where did you start training and who was you trainer?

I started to train with BattleArts Academy on a full time schedule coming up to almost 2 years now, not just professional wrestling, we also train in amateur wrestling, judo, kickboxing, BJJ, Strength and Conditioning etc. My two main trainers are the legend that is Yuki Ishikawa and Antony Carelli aka WWE’s Santino Marella.

You’re based in Canada and currently wrestle for Santino Marella’s BattleArts Academy, how did you come to move to Canada and what’s it like being part of BattleArts?

I moved because I wanted to “chase the dream” and to see the world. Canada has a rich tradition of producing great talent from Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Edge, Lance Storm and so on. Davey Boy and Dynamite moved from Northern England to Canada. North America is definitely full of opportunities when it comes to wrestling and being a part of BattleArts is great. It has changed my life and I’m truly humbled that Anthony Carelli , as much as he is a hard ass on me, I know that he has my best interests at heart.

You call yourself the ‘Prince Of Strong Style’, how did that come about and you must be a fan of Japanese wrestling?

‘Prince Of Strong Style’ came about by how I perform in the ring, the best way to explain how that came about would be to simply watch my matches. Strong Style, Puroresu, whatever people want to call it, fascinates me. I find by incorporating this style in my matches, I can get that raw emotion response from the fans which is unlike anything else. I’m a huge fan of Japanese wrestling, honestly, if I could wrestle for NJPW, it would be a dream come true because it has some much history behind the promotion. There are a lot of fantastic wrestlers who are working currently over there Hiroshi Tanahashi, Katsuyori Shibata, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kazuchi Okada and Harry Smith etc.

Yuki Ishikawa has been one of your coaches, what skills has he shown you that make you stand out?

Wow, where do I begin? I’m an Ishikawa guy. Yuki Ishikawa is a legend and I’m so proud to call him my sensei. This guy was trained by Fujiwara! The main skills he has passed onto me are how important a solid foundation is in wrestling, having emotion in everything I do, being able to get in the squared circle and just wrestling without planning stuff.

There a lot of trainers that come through the doors at BattleArts, who have you learnt the most from?

This is an easy one, Rip Rodgers is bloody brilliant. John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, etc etc and of course the boss man Santino Marella, all who have been trained by Rip. He kind of took a shine to me straight away, one of the things which made me so overwhelmed was, after a year of not seeing him he goes “Brawler, get over here” as I say “Hello” he goes “I’ve been telling people about my mini Benoit”, which made me realise this legend appreciates my work in the ring as an upcoming talent in this industry. Rip Rodgers is pretty much a Harvard professor in pro wrestling and I can’t thank him enough.

Also, Harry Smith aka Davey boy Smith Jr, the son of a late great British Bulldog. I shoot wrestled with him as well as learning even more limb breaking submission holds. John Morrison and MVP I also learned a lot from, mainly on the character and promo side of things.

Out of the people you train with, are there any that are stand outs and may well be called up by the big boys?

Yeah, we have some solid talent within BattleArts, just some names who spring to mind are Hornet, Randy Reign, George Terzis, Andrew Mcrae, Kid Myers and Divya Ch ,all could hold their own with the best of them.

Can people in the UK expect to see you in action back home anytime soon?

Good question, as of right now, I couldn’t give you a straight answer because who knows what can happen these days, especially in this line of business. However, I would love to be able to work with promotions in the UK and wrestle in front of the British fans.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Well, I have the biggest match of my career coming up against my coach, Yuki Ishikawa for BattleArts, Student vs Teacher! For the remaining part of the year, my plans are to continue to progress, stay healthy and keep on working as hard as I can. Japan is my main focus; I would love an opportunity to work over there.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

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Thanks to Ad for taking time out from training to answer our questions.

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