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Sean Only has been described in the past as ‘The Most Dangerous Man in British Wrestling’. Currently, he’s making waves (no pun intended) for Tidal.

For those not aware of you, could you describe yourself?

Well my name is Sean Only and I’m a professional wrestler with something of a penchant for kicking people in the face. I was originally a kickboxer before transitioning to professional wrestling via the world of MMA. I have been described at various times as both ‘The Punk Rock Connoisseur’, ‘The Most Dangerous Man in British Wrestling’ and ‘that guy with the mohawk what does the kicks’.

Where did you train and who trained you? And was it what you expected?

I was trained in Leeds by the legendary World Of Sport veterans Jeff Kaye and the late Drew McDonald. They also got me my first start in the business. Learning to bump on tiny mats and getting lumps beat out of me by both my trainers and my fellow students wasn’t exactly what I expected, but I anticipated it wasn’t going to be easy. You definitely find out after your first few days of training that wrestling really isn’t for everyone. Luckily, I was one of the few who were stubborn/persistent/stupid enough to continue!

Who was your first match against and was it a good one?

My first match would have been against former WWE signee and former FIP tag champ Tommy Taylor (or Taylor Phoenix as he was known back then). If I’m totally, totally honest, neither of us were ready for wrestling in front of a crowd at that point. I’ve not seen it back for a very long time, but I would doubt it holds up as a 5* mat classic!

You wrestle a lot for TCW, what is it about Tidal that keeps you coming back?

Tidal is a great company on the rise and one that I’m proud to call my home (or at least one of my homes!). They have such an amazing mix of up and comers, established stars, veterans and imports that every show is almost guaranteed to be quality. I appreciate the fact that they sparingly use the imports to add star power and intrigue to cards, rather than building everything around them too. Without giving too much away, some big plans are afoot at Tidal, so everyone would be well advised to stay tuned!

NGW has also been home to a few matches for you, of the matches you’ve had there, which one have you enjoyed the most and why?

That’s a tough one. I’ve had a few that I’ve really enjoyed, but I’d have to say teaming with Rampage Brown to take on Drake & Dragon is one which stands out. This was huge for me at the time, as I see Rampage as something of a mentor and someone I really look up to. I can’t help but learn every time I’m in the ring with Rampage. Our recent match in Darlington was no exception. That dude hits HARD!!

Is there anyone on the UK scene you’d like to face?

There are an awful lot of names I could reel off here. It’s fairly apparent how much talent is out there in the UK right now, so narrowing it down is really hard. To save time and space, I’m going to restrict myself to 2 names: El Ligero and Zack Gibson. Ligero and I have trained and travelled a lot together. He’s also someone that I’d consider something of a mentor and I really think it’s high time that I tested myself against him in a 1 on 1 match. He’s made it clear he’s up for the challenge, so it’s just down to someone to book it now! Zack is someone that I see as being completely at the top of his game. We match up pretty well size and height wise and it just so happens we support local rival football teams as well! Facing Zack Gibson would undoubtedly be a huge test, but it’s one that I feel I’m ready for.

The UK scene at the moment is the healthiest it’s been for a long while, why do you think that is and what’s it like being part of it?

Having been around British wrestling in one capacity or another for quite some time now, I really can say with conviction, that the scene is the strongest it’s been. Certainly as far back as my memory goes. It’s great to be a part of and all that talent is so driven and motivating. It really feels like everyone is spurring each other on to be the best they can possibly be and it seems like the fans are reaping all the rewards of this. That can only be a good thing, right?

Is going to the States to wrestle on your long term agenda?

Very much so! I will say that there are some (extremely tentative) plans, but that’s really all I can divulge at present.

What are your plans for 2015 and beyond?

Where to start? I’ll be defending my ICE Wrestling championship down in Wales, so I’m planning on keeping hold of that. Sam Wilder and I will be challenging for the UKWE tag titles in May, which is around the same time I’ll be in a tournament for the new Tidal belt. I’m fully planning on taking all those belts home, as well as possibly another one or two. Other than that, I just want to keep progressing and improving my work. 2014 was awesome. 2015 is going to be significantly better and 2016 is going to be even better again! Why not?

Is there anything else you’d like to add or plug?

I guess now would be an appropriate time to plug all those social media gimmicks! You can find me on Twitter @realseanonly, on Instagram if you search REALSEANONLY and I’m real easy to find on Facebook too. They’re your best bet for information on shows and whatever else I’m up to. They get updated regularly and I’m pretty approachable if anyone wants to say hey 🙂

Thanks to Sean for taking time out to answer the questions.

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