Sammi Baynes Interview

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Sammi Baynes was once part of the Norfolk Dolls with WWEs Paige (then Britani Knight). She’s a WAW graduate and fought some of the best in the business. She’s now forged a successful career as a singles wrestler.

For the people who don’t know you, could you describe yourself?

A vicious bitch! Haha! I don’t sugar coat things!

You were trained by Ricky and Saraya Knight, Jimmy Ocean, Danny Boy Collins, Johnny Kincaid and The Hooligans. How was it being trained by some legends of the UK scene?

I’ve actually had the chance to be trained by quite a few legends to be honest, also by the likes of Marty Jones and Johnny Saint! Its awesome watching and learning their craft, they are so slick and impressive. Johnny Kincaid had me in awe and he popped loads of us wrestlers. Even now, after 11 years in the business, it’s still a buzz to step in the ring with Ricky and Saraya Knight.

Before Paige (then called Britani Knight) was in the WWE, she was part of a tag team with you called the Norfolk Dolls. What was it like being in a tag team with your best friend?

Awesome! We were young and did everything together, so to be able to live our passion together too, was of course, great!

Bellatrix has become one of the premier promotions for women’s wrestling in the UK, what’s like being part of it?

An honour! As you say it’s become a huge and respected promotion, so to be able to say you work for their roster is pretty cool.

Being on the card at the Bellatrix vs SHIMMER event with so many talented female grapplers such as Mercedes Martinez, Christina Von Eerie and LuFisto to name but a few must have been quite the buzz?

Definitely! It was my first big match back in the business since taking a break and what an amazing yet daunting way to come back. I was feeling a bit rusty compared to some of the best the USA women’s division had to offer, I certainly wasn’t at my best but I think I shook off the rust pretty quickly!

WAW and Bellatrix stage their big shows at Epic Studios, how is that venue for wrestling and does it allow you to connect with the fans?

The venue is one of the best the UK has to offer in my opinion; it’s big but it also creates a real tight close connection with the fans.

Is there anyone coming up through the WAW Academy we should be keeping an eye out for?

Everyone, the WAW academy and youth academy has some promising stars in the making for sure!

Currently on the UK scene, there are a lot of very talented female grapplers, is there anyone you fancy chances against?

Not really, I’ll face anyone who is given to me, bring on your best!

Is following your best friend into the WWE your ultimate goal?

Of course, I don’t know anybody that wouldn’t love to have the chance to perform for the WWE.

What are your plans and ambitions for 2015?

Well I’m off to America to wrestle for SHIMMER in October, so that’s a really big deal for me as it’s always been a huge goal.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

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Thanks to Sammi for taking the time to answer the questions.

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