Michael Dante Interview

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Joining us today is one half of the most dominant tag team in the whole of Europe, that being the Sumerian Death Squad, welcome to The Indy Corner Michael Dante.

1. From doing my research, Tommy End is credited as your trainer, going back, how did you find your training under Tommy?

Helpful disciplined and correct.

2. After working for the Dutch Wrestling Federation you got a chance in wXw out of Germany, in your early days you wrestled under a different name, tell us about that name and early thoughts on wXw.

I wrestled under Anthony Zeus. I feel wXw was a different company back then compared to how much of a family it is now.

3. You still work with Tommy End of course as the SDS, how did it come about you two would tag together and where did the name come from?

Being best friends for 18 years pretty much gives you the same interests.. We always had a thing for the occult and sinistrous. And back when we were still clubbing we had a friend who named the 3 of us the Amsterdam Moshpit Esquadre. That’s how we got SDS.

4. With the team being very unique you’ve branched out of Holland & Germany including a good amount of bookings in the UK. Notably you’ve worked for ICW & PROGRESS, on ICW, how do you find it working there as it’s very different to most promotions?

ICW crowds are mental.. Its been a blast fighting in front of them. It suits our personal interests very much so.

5. Other than winning the ICW tag titles with Tommy, any other stand out moments you can think of to share?

Revivng Whippy (Mikey Whiplash) at the Barrowlands last year would be one, the crowd was going insane at that point

6. A promotion I see you perform in most over here is the aforementioned PROGRESS Wrestling out of London. Again, it’s a promotion with a lot of buzz about it, give me your thoughts on when you first worked there.

I had heard Tommy tell good tales about Progress and how much of a thrill it was to work for them.. I had also heard the fans wanted the SDS there.. So Progress delivered.. And we conquered

7. The SDS are the current tag team champions and just recently I was there to see you defend the titles or shields I should say against the unannounced team of Adam Cole & Roderick Strong, how was that experience for you because the fans loved it when those two came out but a good portion were still behind Tommy & yourself?

It even gave me the shivers as both of those guys are seasoned veterans who know how to fight. Gotta love our fans man.. Through and through anti heroes.

8. So you’ve made waves in Europe but you’ve also worked over in Big Japan Pro Wrestling, how was that whole experience and any stories you can share?

So many stories after 5 tours.. Learned a ton from their culture and style of wrestling. 1 notable story might contain a purple towel, shirtless professional wrestlers and a train full of Japanese school children.. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

9. People in wrestling always have aspirations to work elsewhere around the world, is there anywhere in particular you’d like to work and on that note any teams with Tommy you want to face or anyone on singles?

I would love to be able to work for PWG together with Tommy. Who we would fight, I’ll leave that up to the fans..

10. To close, I want to thank you for your time and give you the chance to plug anything you want.

Thanks for having me.. Plug for Bad Guy Brand for hooking me up with beard products. I guess that about covers that.

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