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Welcome to The Indy Corner Lucy, thanks for your time, so you were trained at the PBW Academy by Kid Fite, what’s it like training there?

There are three PBW academies, located in Barrhead, Airdrie, and Greenock. I train at the one in Barrhead and I find it is a really fun place to train. It’s basically one big dysfunctional family and we always have a laugh, having said that, you are encouraged to work hard, in and outside of training. Kid Fite is a brilliant trainer and always encourages you to do your best. The track record of the academy speaks for itself, with past students including Kay Lee Ray, Noam Dar, Carmel and Davey Blaze. Also current students such as Kenny Williams and Lou King Sharp are breaking out all over the UK. If anyone is thinking about training as a professional wrestler or referee then I would definitely recommend PBW.

You’ve wrestled for PBW, Fierce Females and ICW amongst others, has there been a match in particular that has stood out?

The one that probably stands out most to me would be tagging with Kenny Williams against Liam Thomson and Carmel at PBW in Dumbarton. All three of them are really talented, so it was a great opportunity to learn from them and see their approach to structuring a match. Carmel is regarded as one of the main female wrestlers in Scotland, so it was really exciting to get to work with her again. That show was also the last ever PBW show in the Dumbarton Burgh Hall. It was jam packed and the crowd were phenomenal, so that all added to the experience.

In the past you’ve worked with Kay Lee Ray and the Owen Twins was it daunting working with more experienced females?

Yeah, it is definitely quite intimidating going in to work established females- especially ones that you know have been off wrestling for TNA. On one hand it can make you worry that you won’t be able to keep up with them in the ring, but on the other it can be quite reassuring having that level of experience to help you in the match. Kay Lee and the Owens were really fun to work with and generally lovely, so that helped in dealing with my nerves. I guess the matches you feel challenged by are probably the ones where you learn the most, so I try and remember that when I am backstage freaking out, haha.

There are a lot of talented female grapplers on the UK scene right now, is there anyone that stands out?

There are so many talented females around right now. I haven’t seen that many of the English girls in action, but in Scotland I think Sammi Jayne is one to look out for. I’ve seen quite a few of her matches now and I am always so impressed by what she can do. I reckon 2015 will be a really big year for her.

The Scottish scene is red hot right now with ICW leading the charge, in your opinion, why do you think that is?

I think with a lot of wrestling fans getting fed up of what WWE is putting on TV they started to look for wrestling more locally. Companies like PBW, BCW, SWA and RNW are putting on brilliant family friendly shows all year round that are showcasing some amazing British talent. ICW is the more adult version, giving fans everything they miss from the Attitude Era or ECW and then some. With the momentum that the company has right now, even non wrestling fans are heading along to see what the fuss is all about. It’s a different kind of company, giving fans an experience and atmosphere that can’t be found elsewhere, and I think that’s why it’s become so popular.

There have been a few UK wrestlers go over to Japan to train, is that something you could see yourself doing?

Potentially, I would definitely love to get to travel as a result of wrestling and Japan would be an amazing place to visit. The difference in their wrestling style and how fans react to it would be really interesting to experience firsthand.

Is there any promotion in the UK you’d like to wrestle for that you’ve not had the chance to yet?

I was really lucky in my debut year to wrestle for quite a few established companies in Scotland. I couldn’t pick one specific new company, but this year my goal would be to get the opportunity to compete in England. I think combining that with hopefully becoming a more regular figure in some Scottish promotions would really make my year.

WWE and TNA are the two top promotions in the States, are they somewhere you’d like to work?

I wouldn’t say that working for either of those specific companies is my end goal. Making a full-time living from wrestling would be a dream come true and if that was how I managed it then of course I would love to work for them. I reckon most wrestlers have a wee Wrestlemania fantasy, but at this stage I am happy to keep training and see how far I can get.

You’re also an actress and model, have you ever turned up for either with noticeable injuries?

Luckily no! I did turn up to work with a black eye and broken nose though. It could have been worse, haha.

Is there anything you’d like to say or add?

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