Lance Archer Interview

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You started out your career in the Texas area; did you enjoy your time there?

Starting out in TX was great. There are lot of promotions to work with and learn from. PCW in Dallas ran weekly TV for years; it was invaluable to my growth!

TNA was your first taste of the big time, what was your impression of the company and the people you worked with?

TNA was a great place for me in 2004. It was new, growing and looking for new young talent. That was perfect for a guy like me at the time.

A lot of big names were with TNA at the time, did you find that intimidating at all?

The names that were there were not intimidating because we all had to work together if we wanted success.

Fans usually point to the years you spent at TNA as the promotions best, why do you think that is?

Some people saw those early years of TNA as the best because it was a company on the rise. It was growing with each step it took. It was new and exciting.

You had a brief stint in AJPW, how did you find Japan at that time?

AJPW and just being in Japan in general was amazing. It gave me a whole new perspective on the biz.

How big of a moment in your career was it signing with WWE and wrestling in FCW?

It was a great moment. I worked very hard to get my opportunity with WWE and finally I was getting a chance.

You joined the ECW brand, how did you find that experience?

Joining ECW for me was great. It gave me and others a platform to shine in the WWE universe.

After signing with NJPW, you made your in-ring debut with MMA and pro wrestling legend Minoru Suzuki, how was that experience?

Here’s fun fact about myself and Suzuki. I had my very first match in Japan for a small independent called Makehen, it was a tag match against Suzuki, so teaming with him years later, that was pretty cool.

That’s cool, I wasn’t aware of that. You’re member of Suzukigun as part of the tag team K.E.S. with Harry Smith, whose idea was it to put you together?

Well, teaming Smith & I together was the company’s idea. I’d been there over a year at that point. But he and I coined the name Killer Elite Squad-K.E.S

Suzukigun has invaded Pro Wrestling NOAH and in the process became the GHC Tag Team champs, do you hope for a long reign there?

We hope to continue to succeed and grow as a team and individuals. Hopefully we will be recognized in wrestling as one of the best teams to have existed.

You recently wrestled for House Of Hardcore, are there any talents in particular there that have impressed you?

I’ve worked for Dreamer twice at HOH events. A lot of the talents I’ve known for some time. The thing that impresses me the most with HOH is everyone’s desire to make the whole show special every single time

In my interview with Bruce Tharpe, he listed you as one to keep an eye out for, how does praise from the NWA president make you feel?

Praise from anyone is greatly appreciated, especially from the president of the NWA! He has worked very hard to bring respect and notoriety back to NWA and to change people’s perception of what the NWA is and will be.

The NWA has recently started making strides in regaining recognition in the States, what’s it like being a part of that?

It’s always great being a part of a company that wants to move forward, working with great people and become special again

What can we expect from Lance Archer in 2015 as part of K.E.S. in Japan or as a singles star in the States?

You can expect THE American Psycho Lance Archer to continue to grow, and to improve and become more dangerous, (in a good pro wrestling manner!) every day. Only the powers that be can slow down my progress. But rest assured. I will NOT stop!!!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I would like to say a big thank you to the fans. Without them, pro wrestling would not and could not exist or get better! I ask them to focus on the positive. Ignore and disregard the negative. Be a part of the growth. Don’t be a part of the problem. Without them, the biz will die! Follow me on Twitter @lancehoyt and Instagram @lhoyt77

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