Kurtis Chapman Interview

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Kurtis Chapman is a cult favourite in Rev Pro, he is billed as ‘The UK’s Youngest Pro Wrestler’ and has a background in amateur wrestling.

For the people out there that don’t know who you are, could you please describe yourself?

At 17 years old, I’m currently the UK’s youngest pro wrestler. I’m also a Hampshire under 14s amateur wrestling champion.

Being an amateur wrestler, how did transition into professional wrestling?

I felt like I had achieved everything I had set out to within the amateur wrestling scene and decided it was time to really step it up a gear and make my mark on professional wrestling. After some research, I found a pro wrestling school had just opened in Portsmouth and so I stepped into a Revolution Pro Wrestling ring for the very first time.

Where did you train and who trained you?

I trained at the Revolution Pro Wrestling School in Portsmouth and have done since I was 14. The head trainer at the school is Andy Simmonz, with regular appearances from Marty Scurll. Both of these men have many years of wrestling experience and have accomplished things I can only dream of. We also have the opportunity to come along to special guest training sessions taken by huge names.

People will most likely know you from Rev Pro, what’s it like working for one of the top promotions in the UK?

It’s honestly an absolute dream come true. Rev Pro has given me some incredible opportunities and I can’t thank them enough for the time and effort they have invested in me.

Are there any other promotions in the UK you’d like to work for?

At the moment, I feel like I can focus on making a solid name for myself within Rev Pro but with the British scene doing as well as it has been recently, there are so many promotions that I would love to work with. If I had to name a few, I would probably say my top picks for other promotions I’d like to work for would be PROGRESS and PCW.

You’re seen as a cult favourite on the scene, did you expect that when you started out?

Not at all but I am thankful for all the support I get from every single fan. I really couldn’t do it without them.

Do you plan on wrestling over in the States, as CHIKARA could be a good fit?

As I’ve said, the British scene really is thriving right now and so I don’t think it would be necessary for me to head to the States any time soon. I want to keep improving my wrestling over the next few years in the UK but at some stage in the future I would love to work in the States.

On the cards you’ve wrestled on, there have been many big stars, have they been any that you found to be intimidating?

To be honest, I’ve never been given a reason to feel intimidated by the stars that I’ve met within wrestling, because they have all been such great people. It’s always a little nerve racking to meet someone I have such a great deal of respect for but they’ve all been great.

What are your plans for the remainder of the year?

I’m going to keep training hard and try and improve my body as much as I can. Rev Pro are expanding and putting on much bigger shows and I’m going to try my best to get on as many of them as possible.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

Just that everyone should go and check out Rev Pro whenever they can! There are some huge shows coming up with stars such as X Pac and Bret Hart and you really shouldn’t miss them. Also, go and follow me at @kurtismo on Twitter and like Kurtis Chapman on Facebook.

Thanks to Kurtis for taking the time to participate in this interview.

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