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Joanna Rose has been PCW’S ring announcer since August 2013 and is currently the General Manager. She also has a background in performing arts, which has helped in her career in the wrestling world.

How did you get your start in the world of wrestling?

A friend in my local town was hosting a small show and asked if I’d like to give ring announcing a try, knowing that I have a background in performing arts and was a huge wrestling fan. Of course, I jumped at the chance and figured if it didn’t go well then no-one would have to know! Thankfully, it turned out that I wasn’t bad! After that, it was simply word of mouth that lead to more and more bookings with various promotions, until I sent in the audition tape to PCW and things really took off!

PCW is where most people will know you from, what’s your take on the PCW crowd?

The PCW fans are incredible, I absolutely love them! They’re passionate, they’re vocal – the chants they come out with really make the atmosphere amazing at the shows and they know what makes great entertainment as well as wrestling. It’s such a pleasure to even be a small part of that stage and it makes me proud when high profile talent comment that the fans are among the best they’ve ever experienced! I was a PCW fan before I joined the team, so I know this is true.

Having popped up for EVOLVE, ROH and WWE, do you feel like wrestling royalty now?

Oh absolutely not, I’m a far cry from wrestling royalty. I’m simply beyond lucky to have had the opportunities I’ve been given so far and I work hard to ensure that I do the best job I can, no matter where I’m booked. Having been noticed and booked to work by all three of the companies you mention is something I never thought would happen, so I hope I did myself (and the UK scene) proud and could potentially work for them all again in the future. I’d never expect it, but will certainly take advantage of every chance I get because it is my dream. Hopefully the particular areas I specialise in (announcing, backstage & post match interviewing, pre & post show videos, etc.) are what they’re looking for on a permanent basis someday, alongside the appeal of being British!

You revealed yourself to be the new GM (or GMilf according to Twitter!) for PCW, what do you hope to bring to the role?

Hopefully this will be an entirely new angle and dimension for the fans to focus on and love to hate!! We’ve not seen anything like this done specifically in PCW before, so I’m excited to see where my faction goes. The GMilf hashtag is already an example of how awesome the PCW fans are! Make no mistake, I intend to make my presence felt as the General Manager and show those boys in the back that a female in charge will be no walk in the park!

Of all the big stars that have graced PCW in the last few years, which ones have impressed you the most?

It may be predictable to say at this stage but I think Chris Masters is definitely top of my list. He’s become a friend and somewhat of a mentor for me in the world of pro wrestling; he’s an incredible talent. Up there also is Uhaa Nation, despite that I had to do what I did at Road To Glory, I can still admit that he’s got it all, both as a person and professionally. To be honest, there are too many impressive stars to mention, both UK staples and international talent, so I wouldn’t want to go on and subsequently leave anyone out. Just know that I have many things up my sleeve now that I’m ON TOP at PCW…

You also work for AWW, for the people that haven’t heard of them, how would you describe them?

AWW (Alternative Wrestling World) is a promotion that operates a training school and trainee shows as well as larger events hosting international talent out of the West Midlands area. I can’t say enough good things about the promoters and the talent and am happy to have had the opportunity to work with them. I’d definitely put them under the heading of family friendly and yet say they also have an edge. Certainly, their trainee talents are hungry and put their all into the shows they perform at.

On Mick Foleys’ comedy tour in 2013, you worked as his personal announcer, how was working with one of the all time legends of the ring?

Working with Mick Foley was an incredible experience, it was offered to me directly by the man himself via Twitter, would you believe?! As soon as you meet Mick he puts you at ease, he’s so down to earth and friendly; a super nice and cool guy aside from being a bona fide wrestling legend! Mick had a vision of what he wanted me to do at his comedy shows but was prepared to take on board my ideas too, so much so that I ended up dancing with him onstage to Fandango’s theme tune! I’d jump at the chance to work with him again in the future. Mick’s comedy shows are funny even for non-wrestling fans, highly recommended.

Having treaded the boards, is that something you’d like to concentrate more on?

I am an actress by speciality first and foremost, so I will always take the opportunity to perform, be it live theatre or TV (both of which I’ve done before). However, the path I’m currently taking within wrestling is allowing me to indulge 2 passions-acting/performing and wrestling within sports entertainment, so I think my answer is that I’d like to continue concentrating on this and see how far I could get, especially now that I’m venturing into heel character territory!

Will you always be involved in wrestling in some capacity?

I sincerely hope so, as long as the promotions and fans continue to accept me as part of this crazy awesome business!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Who’d like to see Joanna Rose/GMilf merch become available?!

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Thank you to Joanna for taking time out to take part in the interview.

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