Jack Starz Interview

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Jack Starz is an up and coming talent with massive potential; keep your eyes peeled for this very talented grappler.

For those out there who don’t know who you are, could you describe yourself?

I’m driven, a hard worker and have an endless desire. I’m 5″6, 170lbs and strong as an Ox and a fitness machine. I’ve been taught the TRUE wrestling style of this great country.

You were trained at the Brookside School Of Wrestling, under Robbie Brookside himself and Darren Walsh. What was it like being trained by one of the most respected trainers in the UK and what’s like training at the Brookside school?

I’ve trained at Brookside’s School Of Wrestling for almost 5 years this summer. I can honestly say, I have never looked back, the school teaches those that train there, the correct way to wrestle and get into this business. It’s by far the best wrestling school in this country.

Before Robbie headed off to the States, I had the pleasure of training with him for around 3 years. The amount of knowledge and experience that man has is otherworldly. The countless stories he would tell, that would relate to what we were doing that particular day at training, helped our understanding so much. He wouldn’t just teach us moves, he’d make us understand why to do it and when, everything has meaning, telling the story. We all knew it but now the world knows it too, he is one of the best trainers in the world and one of the greatest wrestlers this world has.

For the 18+ months we have been lucky enough to gain our head coach, Darren “Thunder” Walsh. The amount he’s done for us all and helped us to advance is phenomenal. The school has truly flourished with rich talent from all around the UK and welcomes new comers any time

There is footage on YouTube of yourself versus Toby Stevens, on an ASW show, at Butlins in Bognor, which as billed as your debut, is that your first pro match? If so, what are your memories of the match?

It was my debut match working the summer camps but my official debut was Halloween 2012 for ASW in the Gravesend, Woodville Hall. That particular night, I was a man on a mission, I hadn’t worked for All-Star in over a year and a half prior to that, so I fully intended on going out with a bang. I went out and gave it my everything to be remembered.

You’ve wrestled a lot for SWA (Scottish Wrestling Alliance) and LCW (Leicester Championship Wrestling), are there any other promotions that you would like to work for?

There are so many I’d like to work for! I’d really like to go back to Scotland again with the SWA and show how I’ve evolved against their talent. European Wrestling Promotions in Hannover, Germany is another on my list. I had the chance to go out and train there late last year, they responded well to our strong British style so I’m excited to go back and show them what I have to offer!
WWE is the long term goal.

You team with Jimmy Meadows in LCW, whose idea was it to put you two together?

We both agreed on the idea quite a while back, just over conversation whilst training. We went to one of their shows one day and asked if we could be considered for the future. A while later we got a message asking us to come in.

As someone who is a relative newcomer to the scene, what’s your take on the UK wrestling landscape as it stands?

There seems to be quite a few promotions doing really well for themselves which is good to see. I look forward to working for some of them in the future. Who knows what could happen!

WWE is often seen as the Mecca of wrestling for a lot of people, is that a place where you aspire to be?

I’ve spent the last 7 years fixated on my dream and goal of the WWE. I created a lifestyle where pretty much everything I do, every single day is working towards climbing that ladder. Just this past week I had the incredible opportunity to go down to the 02 Arena and be part of RAW and Smackdown as an extra. It was an unforgettable experience.

NJPW is making waves in the West presently, is that a promotion you would consider working for?

For sure!! I consider myself to wield a strong, British wrestling style and to take that to Japan and take on their best wrestlers would be one hell of a fight.

What are your plans for the rest of this year and what do you hope to achieve?

I have so many hopes and plans this year I’m not quite sure how I’ll fit it all in! I’d like to work the All-Star camps run this summer, get selected for Tough Enough, work for WWE again when they are back and wrestle in as many places that I can! Anything is possible.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

For bookings, contact email me on Jack_Starzzz@hotmail.com and on Twitter @JackStarzzz.

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