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Jack Burchill is a wrestler who is slowly building up a steady body of work, you can catch him in LCW and HOPE. He’s already worked in Germany and has his sights set on working for some of the bigger promotions around the world.

For the people out there who don’t know who you are, could you please introduce yourself?

For all you people that don’t know who I am, my name is Burchill, I describe myself as a technically sound powerhouse. I wrestle all over the UK and I’m one of the very few wrestlers to wrestle in Europe every month!

Could you tell us how you got your introduction into the business?

I met Stixx about 8 years ago in a sports complex in Nottingham, I was teaching football and Stixx was the manager of the complex, we always spoke till one day I got curious and asked Stixx what he did for a living, he replied with professional wrestling, so I was sold from that day on!

Your trainers were Stixx, Paul Malen and Joseph Connors, how did each one differ in their techniques and how was the experiences?

All three for me train a different way, Stixx (see HOP on Facebook for details), is one of, if not the best trainer Europe, he has a vast knowledge of pro wrestling and he can literary teach you anything. From high spots to tech. Paul Malen (Saturday’s 10-12.30 at HOP) focuses on matches and calling it in the ring, which I think, is a great way of learning, he tests your in ring knowledge and gets the best out of you each time. Joseph Conners (LCW Elevation, see Facebook), looks at the psychology in wrestling, gets you thinking why do you do certain spots at certain times and what makes sense. He reminds me a lot of Dave ‘Fit’ Finley, as he tweaks things during a match to make them look 100 times better.

What are your memories of your first pro match?

Wow, it was at Brid Spa in Bridlington, against The Crusader James Cross, he gave me an A4 piece of paper with our match on to memorise on the car journey up there, I probably remembered about 40% of the match and I pinned him after a body slam when he forgot to kick out haha!

You spent some time in Germany, working for promotions such as CWE, GHW and PWL. How do you find it benefits your career?

My aim in Germany is to get on a wXw card. GHW, CWE, PWL, COW and NGW have all been great to me and have always done things by the book; they look after you in every way possible. It’s helped me in my career as I’ve learnt the European style, as opposed to the British style. Travelling to Germany is a regular thing now, which I feel very fortunate to do. So hopefully wXw are reading this!

You’ve been a part of the European Union tag team (with German Eagle), whose idea was it to put you two together?

Well, we were kind of thrown together at the last minute in a show in Germany in 2013; Eagle needed a partner for a tag math against The Grid Iron (Aaron Insane & Chris Rush). Eagle contacted me and asked if I could come over and be his partner. We’ve stayed as a tag team ever since! In fact, we’re in the World Series Of Tag Team Wrestling this Saturday, against a team called ‘Always Horney’.

Over here you mainly wrestle for HOPE and United Wrestling, what’s the attraction of working for these promotions?

I regularly do United Wrestling and HOPE, as they’re two different styles of companies. Untied is a very family based company in Stoke, I’ve been with them for just under 3 years. I enjoy it because of the guys who work there as it’s a friendly atmosphere backstage. HOPE is in my opinion, one of the top companies in the UK; Harvey Dale has really put his faith in me and given me a chance to show what I can bring to the ring. I’ve had the pleasure of wrestling guys such as Ashton Smith, CJ Banks, Joe Conners, Justin Sysum to name but a few. This is where I want to be from now on and continue to wrestle the best guys in the UK.

The UK scene is currently experiencing a boom period, do you think you’ll get more bookings over here?

To be honest, I hope so but there are so many guys out there that ruin the business by working for free, it stops the better guys getting spots on cards but that’s just my opinion. My aim UK wise is to do a Rev Pro, Progress, ICW or a PCW show at some point in the next few years.

Is a tour of the States, hitting the indy scene, something that’s in the pipeline?

I’m currently in talks about doing a few shows over in the States at the moment, so you’ll have to stay tuned!

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

My plans for this year would be to be a mainstay guy at HOPE and to be able to compete for the main title at some point down the line; I’d also like to do the summer tours with All-Star this year too. I have a massive show in Germany in May with the legend Ric Flair on the card. I also have bookings this year in Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium, so I’ve got a lot planned for this year.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

Yes and this isn’t kissing anyone’s arse, just a quick thank you, I wanna say thank you to Daniel Standring, Harvey Dale, Stixx, Joe Conners, Paul Malen for all of them believing in me to follow my dreams and accomplish things I never thought would be possible!

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