Interview With The Kings Of The North’s Damien Corvin

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One third of the OTT Tag Team Champions talks the evolution of the Irish wrestling scene, dream opponents and plans for 2017.

How long have The Kings of the North been tagging and what do you think it is that makes you work so well as a team?

The KOTN have been tagging now for just over 2 years but we’ve been working together for close to 10 and I think that’s what makes us work so well together. Bonesaw and Dunkan (Disorderly) were my trainers when I first started. (Bonesaw continued my training throughout my time in wrestling) I refereed their matches, worked as security on shows with them and, when I started working regularly with, we were travelling together all over the country. You build a strong trust and friendship on those 12-20 hour days and that leads to great chemistry in the ring.

Tell me a little bit about Uprising and your involvement in it.

Damien Corvin: Uprising is a training school that we opened in Belfast back in August. Belfast had a tonne of talent and they had nowhere local to train, so we met with the lads, gave them an outline of what we wanted, and they delivered. They delivered so well we’re running a show in March, something we’d no real plans on doing, but with guys like Evan Wright, Curtis Murray, Eddie stone, Steven Carvel and Gavin Fitz in the school we felt they deserved the chance to show people what they can do. My role is one of the trainers. I’m very passionate about Pro Wrestling so this gives me a great opportunity to give back and mould the next generation of Belfast lads

How has the Irish wrestling scene changed since you started out?

When I started we (UCW) were drawing well up North and NLW were drawing well down South. IWW were on TV and NWA Ireland were running great seminars every month or so. Then things dropped. I think the popularity of Pro Wrestling and the lack of an “Era” had a lot of casual fans switching off their TVs and not buying local tickets. For a while we were doing 20-100 in Belfast every 3 months on a good day, it sucked. When started up, the family friendly side of things picked up. They had a strong roster and there were a lot of dates which was great, but it wasn’t until OTT that the scene in Ireland hit HUGE. Everyone, from the roster to security to ref to merch, busts their ass to make it a must see show and it translates. We created something awesome and made it “cool” to go to a wrestling show again. We gave everything on every show to sell out the Tivoli month after month and now we’re on track to sell out a 2000 seater, with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, not bad eh?

What was it like being the first OTT Tag Team Champions?

It was a huge pat on the back. Since we were teamed, the KOTN have put all focus into being tag team specialists. We tailored our style, worked on new moves, matched our gear, and more, to look like THE tag team. So it was awesome to be the first OTT tag champs.

What was it like going from wrestling at OTT in Dublin to OTT in Belfast? Was the difference in reaction a little jarring at first?

The reaction was strange, and something we weren’t expecting. There was a genuine concern that we would go out and be booed out of the building (we had been booed a lot in Belfast in previous years) but as soon as the music hit they went nuts, so it was pretty cool. The reaction in Mandela (Hall) was even bigger. It’s great in Belfast, but only in Belfast. Dublin will always have that hate, and we live for it.

I know you have mentioned it on Twitter previously, but who are some of your absolute dream opponents in wrestling today?

Too many to mention them all. But here’s a few: Young Bucks, Hardys, War Machine 2 (after their first match at OTT ‘Invasion
Supershow), The Addiction, Uptown Funkers, CCK. Polo Promotions and Joe Coffey were massively high on the list. That’s just been announced for ‘Road to Scrappermania’ in Belfast, got tickets yet?

What are the plans for The Kings of the North in 2017? What do you most hope to accomplish?

More debuts. (ICW, Rev Pro., WXW, ROH? WWE?) And just continue to work with OTT to make it bigger and better.

What is the most memorable match you have had to date?

War Machine vs the KOTN at the OTT ‘Invasion Supershow’ last year (check it out on VOD.) To be in there with one of the best tag teams in the world was great, and the match itself was awesome. Close second is the (OTT show) ‘Ah Ted’ match with the
Lads and the Fathers.

FUN QUESTION: If you could wrestle any tag team ever, currently working or not, who would they be and why?

OK, that’s a tough one. Again, far too many to name so I’ll give you 3.

1. Los Gringos Locos ( Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr )
2. The British Bulldogs
3. Brain Busters.

If you watch the KOTN matches you’ll see influence from all of those teams in our matches and if you check out (OTT show) ‘Even Better Than Better Than Our Best’ you’ll see us tribute the brainbusters too.

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