Interview With The Blossom Twins

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The Blossom Twins are the most famous female tag team from the UK; spending time in OVW and TNA in the States and also appearing on the first season of British Boot Camp.

For the people who don’t know who you are (which there can’t be many), could you please introduce yourselves?

Both: Aww haha, we are Lucy and Kelly; we wrestled as Hannah and Holly of The Blossom Twins for 9 years. Most notably, we wrestled for OVW, TNA and appeared on TNA British Boot Camp! Ooh and we also appeared in Sky 1’s A League Of Their Own!

How did you get into the world of wrestling?

Kelly: We became fans at the age of 12 and simply fell in love with it. Everything became about wrestling and it became our focus.

Lucy: We probably started planning from the age of 14 to save up and go to wrestling school. We planned and prepared until a week after our 16th birthday, our Dad drove us all the way to Portsmouth to train (long story, we will explain in the autobiography) we had one session, felt like we had been hit by a truck the next day but couldn’t stop smiling. The week after, we headed to Manchester’s FutureShock (more appropriate as it is a smidge closer) and the rest is history.

Where did you train and who trained you?

Lucy: We trained with FutureShock for about two years; being trained by the likes of Damon Leigh and Dom Travis, who we adored and learnt so much from. They were definitely the first two people who brought our confidence out and made us believe in ourselves.

Kelly: After those two years, we still trained with them but also met a bunch of guys at GPW, like Bubblegum and El Ligero and they introduced us to the guys at SAS wrestling, mainly Barry (Charming Don Charles) and Spud. For the next three years, we trained under their wings and really developed as performers and learnt a huge amount as to what we wanted to be character wise.

From there, we went to OVW and trained with the likes of Rip Rogers, Nick Dinsmore, Mike Mondo, Chris Silvio, Package Chris Sharpe, Ali Vaez, James Paredyse Long, etc. And everything clicked into place!

Do you remember your first pro match as a tag team?

Both: Our first match as a tag team was part of a FutureShock tag gauntlet. We may have got through one round but we can’t quite remember, it’s written down somewhere! We do remember running out and giving it our all!

A lot of people noticed you when you appeared on ChickFight TV, where you faced Jade and Queen Maya. Was that a big moment for you at the time?

Both: We’d have to say yes, as we were not used to wrestling girls at the time. We trained with guys and wrestled guys at FutureShock, so it was definitely out of our comfort zone.

In your early years, whilst working for All-Star, you worked with British legend Klondyke Kate. What was it like getting the chance to work with one of the veterans?

Both: It was awesome. The coolest thing was getting to learn how she worked and the different style. It’s funny though, as looking back, it wasn’t until we got to OVW and trained under Rip, that the way she was and how she wrestled and what she taught us, really made sense and clicked.

OVW in the States was a promotion where you spent a lot of time honing your craft. How did that opportunity come about?

Lucy: We had been training and wrestling in the UK for about 5 years but we knew there was more out there. Nick Dinsmore happened to be doing a training seminar at FutureShock and we remember just busting our butts when he was there and asking him questions. I actually remember willing him, in my head, to say something to us. It was almost like; I thought it would be a sign if he noticed us.

Kelly: Lucy’s brain power must have worked! We were packing up to leave and he came over to us and asked if we had heard of OVW, he said they were in need of girls and that it would be a great opportunity. That was sometime in maybe June, I think. We emailed back and forth and at the end of August, made our first trip out there and that was in 2008.

Whilst in OVW, you faced the likes of Taeler Hendrix, Sojo Bolt, Solo Darling,Heidi Lovelace and many more. What was it like working with some very talented grapplers?

Lucy: The first few times we came out when we were bad guys wrestling Sojo Bolt, we had an absolute blast and she taught us a lot. My favourite person to wrestle at OVW would have TO HAVE been CJ Lane, as we just clicked. The matches were always fun and we both just wanted to wrestle and do our absolute best.

Kelly: I’d have to agree with Luc, we both had a blast working with CJ Lane, she was so much fun and we always came up with different ideas with her. We’ve been very lucky with the people we have been able to wrestle.

You were part of the first TNA British Boot Camp, in hindsight, was it a good thing for you?

Lucy: It was a fantastic thing for us and we couldn’t have been more thankful for the opportunity. We had so much fun. We thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. We got to experience life on the road as a wrestler wrestling for a big company. I mean, at OVW we were travelling and training every day but to be actually living the dream and calling it your job and getting to go to different places and wrestle in front of big crowds and feel like you really made it, well we got to do that and so much more on Boot Camp, it truly was an awesome experience.

Kelly: It was an amazing thing for us and is probably the highlight of our 9 years (besides being clotheslined by James Corden!) We got to do so many cool things and meet so many awesome people! Before, we were wrestling fans we knew who Hulk Hogan was and then we got to be part of this show he was a part of…it was all so serious but so much fun!

Did you think Boot Camp portrayed things in the right way?

Lucy: Jeremy Borash is wonderful. Jeremy and all the camera crew became like a little family to us. Brian Edwards and all the camera crew in England were also awesome to be around and we just had so much fun. It might come as a surprise to some but besides the places we had to be and what we were doing on certain days, nothing was scripted. Nothing that we said or did was scripted. Marty, Spud, Kelly and I all just played follow the leader and reacted to stuff as we normally would. We are all wrestlers and we all really clicked together and we think when they put the show together they did a great job of looking after us all.

Kelly: I believe so yes! We all reacted the way we would in certain situations and just went with it and that’s what they showed! Of course, it was nerve wrecking watching the show back but at the end of the day, everything happens for a reason and it’s a waste of time to regret things in life! We loved it!

After a few matches on the TNA main roster, you went back to OVW. Was it a bit of a slap in the face to seem like you’d made it to then go back to OVW?

Lucy: To be fair, I was signed to a TNA contract after Boot Camp and Kelly wasn’t. Not many people know that and it’s a tricky one to get into but it was due to her marriage visa. Therefore, I guess TNA just used me when they could.
Would I have liked to have done more on my own? Yes but at the same time I didn’t push, as I was rather nervous without Kelly and didn’t quite have all the confidence in the world that I could do it without her.

Kelly: Not really no, OVW had been our home away from home for the longest time, so we enjoyed going back there and being with our friends! We also loved training with Rip Rogers so being back was always beneficial for that!

Last year, you both announced you were taking time off from wrestling, which in then meant you left TNA. Did you feel like there wasn’t much more you could give at that point after all the work you’d put in?

Lucy: The year following Boot Camp, a lot changed at OVW and with Kelly not having a contract, there was just a lot of weird talk with TNA about what they wanted and didn’t want to do with us, that we really didn’t like. We were simply not enjoying ourselves anymore and wanted to be anywhere but around wrestling and the wrestling business.

For me, I knew Kelly didn’t want to be a part of it anymore and as much as I really wanted to give it a go myself, I couldn’t. I can look back and think ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’, (haha) but at the end of the day, after I got married too, I no longer wanted to be on the road or away from my husband or dealing with the wrestling business; I wanted to focus on other dreams! Everything happens for a reason and I feel so blessed for what wrestling gave us, that right now everything feels right.

Kelly: It wasn’t really about feeling like we couldn’t give more or didn’t have it in us etc, it simply was that it stopped being fun! We love wrestling but there’s more to it than just being in the ring wrestling and training with the guys and Rip, and let’s just say we weren’t too fond of all that other stuff.

We also have other things we love and it was just time to concentrate on those things! I will say too, that due to marriage visas, we also hadn’t been home for a long period of time and emotionally, I think we just needed to go home and be with family! Missing them so much didn’t help with not enjoying something we were once so passionate about!

With you both marrying guys involved with wrestling, do you still get the itch to get back into the squared circle?

Lucy: All the time! My husband has wrestling on his mind 24/7, honestly! My husband also happens to have been my biggest inspiration in wrestling, so being around him I always feel like I can and want to kick ass.

Kelly: On the odd occasion yes but to be honest, I am genuinely enjoying being a fan again!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Lucy: As of right now, we are back working with children, which we love. We have a blog, which we have been doing for the past year and adore. Writing was a huge dream for us and we hope to keep working on a bunch of projects and reach some goals with that. We also recently started a YouTube channel, as we had been missing that type of creative outlet, it’s been so much fun working on so far and we have so many ideas, so stay tuned! Ooh and lots of plans to head back home too!

Kelly: This year, we have a new project with our YouTube channel, we are going to continue with our blog and hopefully get a few more things we love in the pipeline! We just want to have fun and enjoy all that we do!

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

Both: Thank you so much to every single person who follows us and supports us, it truly means the world to us. Thank you also for still being interested in little old us and sticking around to see what we do next!

Also, please know that if you have a dream, no matter how big or small it may seem that you are capable of achieving it.

Furthermore, you can achieve it by being you, you don’t have to do it like everyone else or follow every rule, just be you, do what makes you happy and keep smiling!

Don’t base your goals, dreams or success on what other people think is success or a sensible dream! Always follow your heart.

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Thank you so so much!

Thanks to Lucy and Kelly for taking part in this interview.

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