Interview with PWS Promoter Eric Pleska

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Pictured here, Eric with the great Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger

I recently conducted an interview with the owner of the wrestling company PWS, Eric Pleska, he was a pleasure to speak with him. You can see with the questions I have asked him, that he can see PWS having a big and bright future.

Could you state your name and a little about yourself?

I am Eric Pleska, 34 years old from Westchester County NY and I’m the founder & co-owner of Pro Wrestling Syndicate. I’m a fan of punk rock, Warriors basketball, Reds baseball, and I love professional wrestling.

Before PWS what did you do?

I dreamt of being a wrestling promoter in between random jobs and running live concerts.

What does PWS mean to you as in a Wrestling company and as a business?

It’s my life. It’s 24/7. It’s family. It’s fun. PWS is everything to me, literally live & breathe it around the clock. I am beyond proud of how far this promotion has come since 2007 and truly blessed that I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best minds in wrestling and so unbelievably happy that our loyal fan base supports and enjoys our events and television program

I see that you have appointed Mick Foley as the PWS General Manager what is he like to work with?

PWS from day one, had a Guest Commissioner appointed to each live event, as I myself never wanted to be an on screen character. When the decision of appointing a permanent General Manager came to mind, it was the simplest decision ever, Mick Foley is the perfect guy.

Mick is one of my all time favourite performers and is simply one of the smartest people in pro wrestling. It’s an honour to get to work with a true gentleman like Mick Foley, and I love that Mick truly gets PWS and has been truly great with all of us including our fans.

What can we hope to see in PWS’s future?

More live events for sure. Definitely would like to expand to other areas in addition to keeping our routine schedule of monthly events in NJ. In the past few months we’ve added television in Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis, and Denver … why stop there.

We have already seen big names like Team 3D, Sabu and ECIII. Can we expect to see anymore big names in the future?

Oh absolutely! Bully Ray & Sabu both return to PWS on June 6th in Rahway NJ for Super Card 2015 as we celebrate Mick Foley’s 50th Birthday. Also on that event will be Bret Hart, Magnum T.A., Raven, and a host of others. It’s been incredible having big matches at PWS in the past few months such as Rob Van Dam versus AJ Styles and Jushin Liger against Sabu for instance.

I also have enjoyed doing reunions that hadn’t been done, such as Harlem Heat and The bWo. There are a lot of big things on the horizon in terms of well known names making their way to PWS.

How important is social networks for PWS to expand and get noticed?

I’ll be honest … I’ve never used Twitter a day in my life…so I can’t really say firsthand what sort of impact Twitter has on things. I’m a Facebooker .. I love being able to easily share information with PWS fans and giving them the opportunity to interact and voice their opinions.
Is there any up and coming talent your proud of?

Really cool to see guys that once graced the PWS ring shining within The WWE Universe like Kalisto, Kevin Owens, and Solomon Crowe amongst others. Within PWS Land , I truly feel Shynron is the best high flyer on the indies, in a league of his own, peerless. I love Habib From The Car Wash. He’s a homegrown PWS star that truly emerged as the most popular wrestler within PWS which is awesome, he’s great. Starman as well, right up there. Mario Bokara and Fallah Bahh have emerged as top stars. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Monsters Island, The Lifeguard, and Nikos Rikos amongst others.

Big thanks to Eric for taking time out of his busy schedule to take part in the interview.

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