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LuchaDubs is the brainchild of brothers Jack and Lee Cinnamond. They are a company providing English language commentary for Lucha Libre.

Whose idea was it to form LuchaDubs and could you explain the idea behind it?

LuchaDubs was born during a late night watching Lucha Underground, Lee (the other owner) pondered why AAA doesn’t do English Commentary for all their shows. Working in Radio, it became an obvious fact that we should do it, unofficially of course.

The idea is simple, we do English speaking commentary for Lucha Libre (specifically, AAA) where there isn’t a true English option.

Most peoples exposure to Mexican wrestling, maybe only extends to Rey Mysterio Jr and Sin Cara, what’s your pitch to them?

Lucha Libre is more of a culture than a style of wrestling, Lucha is the fastest and more stylish wrestling out there and is all out fun to watch. Most people don’t because of the language barrier, which now won’t exist. If you like fun, colourful yet serious wrestling that you won’t see as true anywhere else, come check out LuchaDubs.

Lucha Libre is a niche in itself, what makes Lucha Dubs stand out from the crowd?

Lucha is a niche that’s growing, due to the popularity of Lucha Underground, it is growing and we’ve come at a perfect time. Within our first few days, we’ve gained popularity, relationships and mainly friendships with others, LuchaDubs stands out by bringing to the table what nobody else does, quality English speaking commentary for Lucha Libre.

CMLL used to be shown on BT Vision (BT’s old TV platform) some years ago now with English commentary, are you aiming for something similar?

Yes, that’d be a perfect example. It’s simple in theory; we’re replacing the Spanish with English to allow a new fan base to enjoy. Although CMLL and AAA are different in many ways, I’ve always explained it to non-Lucha audiences as CMLL is a lot like Ring Of Honor, very wrestling based and AAA is a lot like WWE filled with storylines while keeping the wrestling. Nothing against CMLL, but they’re awful this year and AAA is still sticking on top.

AAA is arguably, one of the biggest promotions currently operating in Mexico, was that a factor in having AAA over CMLL?

That is one of the reasons, I mean AAA is younger, yet larger than CMLL but the main reason was that between the two of us (the other commentator), AAA is the promotion that we both watch regularly, while I do watch CMLL, it isn’t as fun. Our main reason was sticking with what we know.

Will you be working on any other promotions in the future or is AAA your sole focus?

During our infancy, our sole focus is on AAA but we’ve had many conversations about different things. We looked into getting more people to do other shows (like CMLL, IWRG, DTU) under the LuchaDubs banner. We’re looking into every option.

Lucha Underground has done wonders to attract people to the Lucha style, albeit with an American twist. What are your views on Lucha Underground?

Lucha Underground has pulled in tons of fans, and as a person who has studied (and studies) films, I absolutely love what Robert Rodriguez has done for Lucha Libre but as you said, it’s Lucha with an American twist. It’s slower, which works. I’d definitely recommend it as a “Lucha Libre for Dummies”, an introduction of sorts.

Have you had any interest from any other companies wanting to get involved with Lucha Dubs on any level?

Depends on what you mean by companies, we’re building relationships with several companies at the moment, some large ones even. We are open to helping anyone that would like to help us.

Whare are Lucha Dubs plans for the rest of the year?

Firstly, to get out our episodes out on a weekly basis. Very soon, we want to fund better equipment and we’re looking into doing this; with original t-shirts and such and build relationships. That’s our first year plan but you never know where it can go.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

We’re planning lots of cool stuff, trailer coming soon, first episode late in May and some fun stuff to announce.

Just like us on Facebook (, Instagram and Twitter (@LuchaDubs).

Thanks to Jack Cinnamond for taking part in this interview.

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