Indy Spotlight: Travis Huckabee

Added by Frank Burford

Zack Sabre Jr., Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle are all amazing mat technicians and have perfected the skill of the grapple. They have rightly so been praised and promoted as the best. But my next Indy Spotlight has the potential to be among those names very soon. Travis Huckabee formally known as the Golden Grappler was developed in the wrestle-factory and has made his name as a member of the legendary Rudo stable F.I.S.T but before that he was a fan favourite, previously being a referee the Chikarmy were blessed to see Travis grow up as a wrestler into the class act, he is today. Travis ended by winning the Campeonatos de Parejas with Solo Darling and Tony Deppen. Since the closing of Chikara Travis Huckabee’s stock has been going up and up wrestling in Camp Leapfrog and Limitless the Road, in particular tagging with Matt Makowski which I can not wait to see how they dominate the Indy Tag World.

Frank: What made you want to be a professional wrestler?

Travis:” I was a big fan of Chikara, and I think I just decided one day that I wanted to do it, it’s a little hard to explain but those that get it get it

Frank: What attracted you to Chikara and how do you feel that it’s now shut?

Travis: Chikara reminded me of my love of pro wrestling at a time when I was losing interest. The characters, the athleticism, and the story telling all gripped me tight when I was in high school. Even a year removed it is still rough to think about. Of course, it had its problems but there’s a lot that I miss about it.

Frank: Your style in my opinion is very catch style and a grappler very much who has influenced that style?

Travis: My early influences were some of the World of Sport lightweights like Steve Grey and Jon Cortez but also guys like Malenko and Regal. Lately it’s been more so people like Timothy Thatcher and Minoru Suzuki

Frank: As well as you, King Crab and Max ZERO who else would you say as a future talent to look out for on the Indy scene? 

Travis: I may be a little biased but my tag partner, Matt Makowski for starters, he is the single most intense wrestler I’ve ever seen, and he has boundless creativity. Edith Surreal has been getting more and more popularity (rightfully so). Abby Jane has so much potential, I sincerely believe that in a couple years (if not sooner) she could absolutely tear things up. Honourable mentions are include BIG CALLUX, Boomer Hatfield, Devantes, and Erica Leigh.

Frank: Who is your dream opponent on the Indy Scene?

Travis: There’s a lot of people I’d love to wrestle: Daniel Garcia, Ashton Starr, Kevin Ku, Jaden Newman, Daniel Makabe to name a few but if I had to pick 1 match it would be Tony Deppen. It blows my mind that we spent all that time working together but never faced each other.

Frank: In your career you started off as a fan favourite with the Rumblebees then turned into a Rudo with FIST who made that choice and was it something you wanted to do?

Travis: “I think it was Quack’s idea to break up the Rumblebees but I also think it was for the best. I appreciate Solo and my time teaming with her but I do think that I came into my own outside of the team. I don’t really think I knew what I was doing until I became a Rudo.

Frank: What’s your future plans for wrestling and the end goal… would you like to wrestle in different countries when able to such as Japan?

Travis: “End goal is to wrestle full time and I would love to travel (especially to the UK). If those two things happened to coincide someday then even better

In conclusion, Travis Huckabee is going places so keep an eye out, I would love to see him wrestle full-time, this guy has developed so much since his debut and is constantly wanting to improve. I think him and Matt Makowski could be a force to reckon with especially considering Travis’ tag team pedigree. I honestly believe Travis Huckabee is UK wrestler in a US body and would thrive over here in the UK.