Indy Spotlight: Max ZERO

Added by Frank Burford

So, I decided that I wanted to write a piece about a wrestler who deserves some well needed spotlight on them. Max ZERO is a wrestler who was a product of the Wrestle Factory and was a rising name in the world of Chikara before its closure. But during his time wrestling under the mask and name of ZERO (A 2nd generation wrestler in the world of Chikara) he has really made an impact.

ZERO made his debut in Chikara on came in a form of a well placed and devised squash match. He showed great skill and strength performing various power moves. Also performing a good-looking hip toss and Russian lariat with a lovely looking face slam and shining wizard looking move for the win. ZERO has also shown his potential in a match where he took on the Crucible and showed great looking power moves aswell as bumping very well. The highlight of ZERO performance in my opinion was his Full-Nelson Slam and multiple forearms which looked amazing. Unfortunately, ZERO lost by being pushed out of the ring.

I approached Max ZERO to do ask him a few questions over online and he was more than happy this is what he said:

Frank: “So what made you want to become a pro-wrestler?”
Max: “I did amateur wrestling in college and got into watching pro-wrestling in 2012, so it kinda was a natural progression of what I wanted to do. I always enjoyed performing and physical sports so it felt like a natural progression”

Frank: “And what made you want to go to Chikara?”
Max: Like I said I’m a baby when it comes to wrestling like Indy stuff was never really on my radar till I decided I wanted to train to become a wrestler. So I looked up wrestling schools in the area I was in and watched the products that they produced and Chikara was just this mix of fun and technical that I really loved so I decided that’s who I wanted to train haha”

Frank: “Awesome so coming into Chikara you took up the ZERO gimmick how was that pitched to you or was it something that you came up with obviously ZERO being a second-generation character?”
Max: So ZERO was pitched to me as a surprise in a way, like I knew I was gonna be masked and I knew I was gonna be a 2nd generation wrestlers but I didn’t know who so it was a nice suprise when it got revealed that I was gonna be the son of a gen 1 guy”

Frank: “So why did you want to wrestle under the mask because I would have thought that could limit some emotion telling?”
Max: “It doesn’t really it just transfer where you tell your story from”

Frank: “Okay and so how did you made the choice to unmask was it a personal choice?”
Max: “Yeah it was something that I felt I wanted to do as a kinda new chapter of the ZERO story”

Frank: “Currently what’s on your horizon for wrestling?”
Max: My goal is to wrestle everyone; I love this sport and want to just fight Everyone. The response to my face was amazing and it’s really kinda given me the confidence to want to challenge everyone to this fantastic thing we do and do everything wrestling has to offer”

Frank: “End goal for wrestling?”
Max: Wrestle everyone haha but I’d love to travel the world and have fun doing this sport”

In conclusion, I feel that Max ZERO has major potential within the Independent scene and further. He presents very good in ring skills as well as very good mic skills but could form a base for an interesting and layered character, but most of all he is just awesome and fun to watch. I would love to see him wrestle in Japan and possibly in Michinoku Pro in the future just like Green Ant did a couple of years back. I think the future is bright for this talent and we should keep an eye on him.