Future Of Wrestling #3: Keith Lee

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Hey wrestling fans and foes alike, Palmer here back with my third installment of “Future of Wrestling.” The interview series where I scour the United States for some of the lesser known talents that you should keep an eye on. Today, I have an interview with Beyond Wrestling’s fastest rising star, Keith Lee!

Keith Lee is a large man, standing at about six-foot-three and weighing in at about three hundred thirty pounds. However, don’t let the man’s size fool you. In addition to being an absolute powerhouse, Lee is also known to show off his athleticism with multiple plancha variations like a tope con hilo and a corkscrew plancha! A guy this big, this quick and this good is going to reach whatever heights he wants so long as he keeps at it. Originally from Wichita Falls, Texas, Lee is a former College Football athlete who turned away from the gridiron to enter the squared circle. A mainstay in Texas promotions like Inspire Pro Wrestling and VIP Wrestling, Lee made his Beyond Wrestling debut at their “Gigantic” show earlier this year. Despite losing in his debut to Donovan Dijak, Lee made such an impact on Beyond Wrestling fans, and its promoter, Drew Cordeiro, to become one of the premiere stars of the promotion in just a few short months.

Keith was kind enough to join me for this interview.

How did you get started in wrestling?

The way I got started was simply by choice. I stopped playing college football and wanted to wrestle. The inspiration behind this was my Grandmother and her love for professional wrestling. Which became my love.

What is like working with a rising promotion like Beyond?

Beyond has been an amazing experience. From my debut there at Gigantic, it never ceases to amaze me. I’ve made it known I’m quite grateful for the opportunities give to me there. And the fact that I get to keep coming back is always humbling. You just don’t see Texas guys there very often, let alone month after month. So I am honored to say the least.

You’ve worked with Lucha Underground stars like Brian Cage and Jeff Cobb in the past, as well as working a few matches in Ring of Honor. What were those like for you, and is there a chance we may see Keith Lee in either promotion sooner than later?

Cage, Cobb, and recently AR Fox. All of them are amazing. I have been working with ROH for over a year now, (but) I’m not contracted. So my options are open currently. You could see me anywhere that makes business sense honestly.

How do you feel about working the upcoming European tournament with PCW, CZW and WXW? Did you know you were Drew Cordeiro’s first choice to represent Beyond Wrestling?

Honestly I had no clue. Again, these are extremely humbling experiences. First pick definitely wouldn’t be expected. All I can do is take that honor and do my best represent in a way that is stand out…and do it to the very best of my ability.

Have you been to Europe before? If so, are you at all nervous about wrestling in Europe for the first time?

Definitely my first time. First over the Atlantic period actually. So I am equal parts excited AND nervous. But I’m nervous before everything. It’s energy I harness and put to use in my matches. You can say I thrive on it.

You’ve been the Inspire Pro Wrestling Pure Prestige Champion for almost two years, have you seen the belt’s prestige rise with the crowd since you’ve won it?

It has been quite some time indeed since I’ve won that title. At any moment I win a championship anywhere, I set straight away to do my best to raise the prestige of it. To me, any champion should want to do that. Making their mark on the title itself. I haven’t been given many match opportunities to raise its prestige…so I have to raise it by the way I represent said title. And for that, I believe I am doing my part.

Everyone’s goal in wrestling is to make it to WWE eventually, but do you have any secondary goals to accomplish in the mean time?

Hmm…..I would like to wrestle for PWG soon. Fans ask me VERY often about it. And I think it would be absolutely fun to cut loose there.I would like to add more countries to my international list if opportunity comes. I would LOVE to wrestle in Japan!!

Out of everyone in wrestling today, who is the one guy you’d like to face and why?

That would probably be Kurt Angle if he’s healthy. This has been my number 1 dream match for a LONG time.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Only thing I could possibly say to them is thank you. For the support, for the appreciation, for embracing me with arms wide open. Also, the shirts you guys have been wanting should be up on my store by the time this comes out. Rejoice!! www.bottomlinemerch.com/keithlee

In my conversations with Keith, I’ve found him to be very personable, humble and a guy who I could seriously, and proudly, proclaim is absolutely the future of wrestling. I highly recommend everybody check out the highlight video below, and keep a very close eye on Keith, as he is surly going to continue his meteoric rise to the top of the independents! Another shout out to Keith for taking the time to answer a few questions for me.

Future of Wrestling: Keith Lee Highlight Reel:

As always, if you have any suggestions for future superstars, send me an email: palmerindycorner@gmail.com or message me on Twitter @Palmer2189. Thank you, once again, for joining me in the third installment of Future of Wrestling!

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