Frankie Sloan Interview

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Frankie Sloan is a veteran and legend of the UK scene, he’s also been a tag partner of the one and only Robbie Brookside.

For those who don’t know who you are (but they really should), could you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Frankie Sloan, a wrestler from Liverpool. I’ve been wrestling for way over 2 decades. Wrestled all over the world and never paid for myself to go anywhere….

You got you start in the world of pro wrestling when Nigel Sanders gave you the number of Bobby Baron, what was it like being trained by Bobby?

Being trained by Bobby was great; it was a good steady reputable way into wrestling. As I’m sure you know, a lot of good lads have cut their teeth there. He was a very placid man who believed in me. He introduced me to Brian Dixon; imagine certain promoters doing that today. I don’t have a bad word to say about Bobby; in fact, I owe everything to him for letting me in his door.

For someone who is considered a legend, what’s it like having to live up to the legend moniker?

I don’t think I am considered a legend, at least not for wrestling anyway. If it’s for the out of ring stuff, it’s easy to live up to the moniker, that’s just me. I do wish at times people recognised me for my wrestling more.

During your career, you’ve pretty much wrestled everyone on the UK scene, how much has the scene changed since you started out in the 90s?

Like everything else, things change, they have to or it becomes stale. Some things have changed for the better, some things for the worse.

The biggest changes I’d say is the height of the wrestlers and the way they present themselves. Obviously, social media has changed everything, you can make yourself sound boss on the social media, where as in real life you’re shite.

You’ve faced international talent such as Bryan Danielson, Pierre Carl Ouellet and Rene Dupree. Do you feel intimidated some of these “names”?

I don’t feel intimidated by any of the names you mentioned, mainly becuase I have faith in my ability. I was more intimidated starting out for Brian Dixon; wrestling people like Giant Haystacks, Danny Collins, Marty Jones, Kendo, Bobby Barnes, people like that.

In the past, you’ve been one half of the tag team the Liverpool Lads along with another UK legend, Robbie Brookside. Whose idea was it to put you two together and why is it you two gel so well?

I have a feeling we gel so well is because that we are related, it’s a lot easier when you know each other as well as we do. Robbie always wanted us to tag together and he was the one who spoke to the promoters about it, so I have him to thank, as it was a hell of a stepping stone for me early on in my career.

You were part of the TNA X Cup along with Robbie Dynamite, James Mason, Dean Allmark and Dave Taylor as Team Britain. What was that experience like?

TNA was an eye opener to me to be honest; some things I don’t want to share on here. But 95% of it was great. Ten days in Nashville, fully paid for food and board and a chance to wrestle for their pay per view. I enjoyed wrestling Hector Garza, the others were a bit mad to be honest. I made some friends there, rekindled old friendships. I was very grateful for the opportunity and I know lads thought they should have gone instead of me but hey, get over it.

Is there anything else left for you to achieve in the world of wrestling?

There are always things to achieve in wrestling, I’m loving it more than ever at the moment. There are some good young lads out there who are pulling the best out of me, I can still do it, just not every day haha!

I do commentary for a few promotions now, which is nice, I get to see other lads wrestl,e some great, some ok, some shite. I always like to help if I can; any advice I can give or you’d like just ask, it’s never too much trouble like.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

Plans for this year….just to stay active, wrestle as much as I can/want and stay relatively injury free. Maybe go on holiday, I’m not sure yet.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

Thanks for asking me to do this.
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Stay safe… much love

Thanks to Frankie for taking part in this interview.

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