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1. A few basics first, when did you first start training, where and who with?

I attended my first training session in 2006 with NWA-UK Wales, but the training wasn’t consistent to be honest and I lost faith in it. Then in December 2008 I heard Mike Bird and Jason Cross had started up training (Mike use to take a few sessions at NWA) and I knew they were both very capable in the ring. So started attending Dragon Pro Wrestling Academy and never looked back.

2. How did you find the training, was it what you expected?

When it came to the actual wrestling I took to it pretty quickly. I use to wrestle in one of my friends back gardens (I know what you’re thinking, oh taboo subject backyard, but we all did it to some degree); me and my friends use to watch wrestling and then record ourselves and try to get it as close to what we saw on TV as possible. So when we started training we stood out as we could already execute some things to a decent level. The hardest aspect for me was the mats, unlike a lot of training school nowadays I learnt to wrestle on mats, and they had absolutely no give. luckily as the school grew so did the facilities, boy am I glad those mat days are behind me.

3. Is there anyone that was in your class that is around today?

A lot of wrestlers from Wales have came through the Dragon Pro Academy but if we are talking about when I first started, then Mark Andrews was in the first class I ever attended and was an instant stand out. Wild Boar and I have been friends since we were 15 and attended training together, but those two are the only ones who are still around wrestling today.

4. So memories of your first match, people mostly say we’re not happy, what do you recall?

My first full match was against Wild Boar at Celtic Wrestling’s Big Bang 5 and wasn’t the best but wasn’t dreadful either. If you go back and watch that now you’ll see how far myself and Wild Boar have grown as performers since then.

5. You’ve wrestled in a number of promotions across the UK and you’re a part of the ATTACK Pro Wrestling roster, for the UK scene, ATTACK is very unique, how was the concept put across to you when you were first approached to work for them?

ATTACK! is my home promotion. It might not be where I started or trained but its the first place outside of Dragon Pro to really give me a chance. We had a small group of wrestlers we always travelled with, guys that weren’t being given chances for whatever reason; so ATTACK! made chances for us. It started off just as a platform for us to show what we could do in the ring but slowly took on a life of its own as we became more confident in ourselves and abilties. It wasn’t till our video game themed show ‘Press Start’ that we hit our stride, and Attack has just got weirder and more creative ever since.

5. Off hand, do you have a favourite moment/match in ATTACK so far?

Wrestling Dave Mastiff stands out for me, Dave was the first established name I had faced here in the UK and he was being brought in just to face me off the back of a string if matches I’d impressed in so that meant a lot.

But my favourite moment has to be from this past ATTACK show. Its just walking out and hearing the reaction I got, it meant so much to me. Its been nearly 3 years since we did our first show in Cardiff and I remember working really hard to get the crowd into my match and me on that day. So hearing the support and response I got from just walking out the curtain just kinda said all our hard work had paid off.

5. You’re good friends with Mark Andrews, of course he is now part of IMPACT Wrestling so he’s come a long way in a short space of time, tell us about Mark Andrews the friend a side the fans maybe don’t see.

I still have stupidly long chats with Mark on the phone quite regularly. He’s one of the coolest guys I know for so many reasons, but I think his positivity stands out for me. To be honest the Mark Andrews you see in the ring is exactly the mark we know and Love. I can’t say more than, I see him as one of my best mates and I know if given the chance he’s gonna rock the states.

6. Along with Mark, his two Defend Indy Wrestling stable mates Pete Dunne & Eddie Dennis have also had a good couple of years, Eddie tearing it up with Mark on PROGRESS and Pete all over including PROGRESS where you faced him, which we’ll get onto next but, again thoughts on being around these two?

Underrated, both majorly. Pete more so, he’s a real ring general and has such a brilliant mind for wrestling; if you’ve been blown away by a match with Pete Dunne in then chances are he put it all together. He goes really unrewarded a lot of the time when he’s in there with us high flyers, who wow the crowd with our aerial ability. But he really is incredible and in my opinion should be on every big show in the UK. As for Eddie I know he’s got quite the following down in progress but I don’t think people have seen what Eddie is fully capable of yet and I feel now Marks gone, that a singles run in a big promotion could be the making of him.

7. So I mentioned you faced Pete in PROGRESS, this was part of the Natural Progression Series, how did you find your match there with him, it’s a very different crowd to say the ATTACK one?

Loved it, me and Pete have only wrestled one on one, on three occasions. But from all the travelling and mulitman matches we’ve been in we know each other inside and out. So this match at Progress was about us going in there and showcasing what we could do. It got a standing ovation so I’m guessing people liked what they saw.

8. You defeated Pete of course and went in to the finals of the NPS where you would defeat Zack Gibson, tell us about the lead up to the match and how you think it went with Zack?

The build up was really nerve racking, it was the biggest match of my career and the real first time I’d had a big match situation with someone I’d never wrestled before. As for the match, I’d say its the best I’ve ever had. For the first time I felt like everything slotted into place, not just with the match but me as well. I’ll probably watch it back and hate it haha, but for now I’m happy with how it went in my head.

9. So with winning the NPS, you’ve got yourself a shot at the PROGRESS title, would you like it to be current champion Jimmy Havoc you face or are you not too bothered?

I would have said I’m not to bothered as I’m pretty laid back, but after his assault on me after my Natural Progression trophy ceremony I pay backs got to be on the cards right?

10. At that PROGRESS show you were donning some new gear, you’re very influenced by the mod movement, The Jam/Paul Weller etc, I’m a fan too, what does the mod movement mean to you?

It is me, its my lifestyle. From the clothes I wear, the music I listen to, down to the way I wrestle. I love having that look and swag that only comes from living this way. I’ve been searching for the best way to reflect my mod lifestyle in the ring and I think my new wrestling gear does just that.

11. So this Friday you are at Fight Club: PRO, you debuted there in December and worked 2 matches over the weekend, but first off, I know you’ve been to a show there before but what was it like getting in the cage and wrestling?

I Love the set up and atmosphere at FCP, its been on my bucket list for awhile so when I got the message about wrestling there I jumped at the chance. The crowd can be a bit insane, you only have once chance to make a first impression so I made sure I went out there and wow’d them as much as I could.

12. That first match was a 4 way with MK McKinnan, Tyler Bate and fellow Welshman Wild Boar Mike Hitchman, how was this match for you?

It was great, real fast paced and exciting just up my street. Things were escalating well, until MK hit me with a Kendo Stick.

13. On night two you went one on one with Robbie X, a lot like yourself and the Defend guys, Robbie has had a great couple of years on the scene, thoughts on Robbie and the match?

I like Robbie, super athletic and capable. He’s got a bright future ahead of him as he’s still so young. As for the match I was super excited for it, I wrestled Robbie in Italy early last year to a great reaction from the crowd, so eager to see if the rematch could outdo the first instalment.

14. So as I mentioned earlier, you’re back at The Planet on Friday for Fight Club: PRO for ‘All The Best’ which is a farewell to Mark Andrews, you are booked to work another 4 way this time with Chris Brookes, Dan Moloney and Welsh lass Nixon Newell, thoughts going into the match and any opinions in mixed matches as Nixon seems to be involved in a lot?

I’m looking forward to this, should be a fun match with a lot of interesting dynamics with all four of us bringing a different style to the table. plus a trophy is on the line and i love me a trophy! As for Nixon, proof is in the pudding as they say; she’s been involved in a lot of mixed gender matches as of late and the crowd seem to love them and her accordingly for ‘hanging with the boys’. That Welsh Destroyer’s a bit nuts aswell.

15. OK Flash, that’s it from me, if there’s anything you want to get off your chest feel free or you can just plug anything you want.

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