Felony: The Living Dead Girl Interview

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For those not familiar with you, could you describe yourself?

Think of all the scary, creepy and demonic little girls you see in horror films and then imagine them grown up and in a wrestling ring!

You train out of the House Of Pain by Stixx , how do you find the training there and how is Stixx as a trainer?

House of Pain is a great place to train, everyone is very helpful and enthusiastic, there’s no pressure at all. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer in Stixx, he has the patience of a saint

How would you describe your style of wrestling and is there anything you’d like to be better at?

My style of wrestling is very unconventional; I’d like it to be perceived as my own style rather than an imitation of someone else’s. I try to put my own spin on everything. When I see a move I’m always thinking how I can make it look nastier and more ‘Felony’ style. There’s always room to improve on everything and learning how to wrestle has not been easy for me, I don’t think it ever will be. At the moment I don’t see myself as a main eventer, I see myself as the ‘sideshow freak show’ part of a show, something a bit different, mid card.

Your gimmick is rather unique, what was the reason behind this and whose idea was it?

I get asked that a lot and it’s always something I’m happy to answer. I’m aware that some people might take one look at me and think I’m trying to rip off Daffney or MsChif but I can honestly tell you that I was not aware of them when I started wrestling, Felony is all my own work. People always say that it’s so different and ask where it came from and the truth is, it’s just a combination of what I like. I’ve always been influenced by and interested in the darker side of things, horror films, horror based music, dark and weird art and comics, so it all came rather naturally to me. For me, the character is the easy part of wrestling.

Who was your first match against and looking back, how do rate it?

Like me, my first match was a bit of an odd one. It was against a guy for a start, ‘the 300lb liquid sumo of soul’ Heavy J! As his name suggests, he’s a very big guy with a wrestling style similar to Rikishi. As far as matches go, I wouldn’t say it was great but it went well and was a lot of fun. I’m not always a fan of intergender matches but this had been built up during the show and was a clash of big characters, plus at the time I was the only girl on the House Of Pain shows, so there was only guys to have matches with.

UK wrestling is full of talented grapplers, beside your look, what else makes you stick out from the crowd?

A look is not much good if you can’t back it up; when I’m wrestling I’m The Living Dead Girl, so I move like one. To start, my entrance sets the tone, my music will hit and the first thing you’ll see come through the curtain is a clawing, twitching hand, followed by another one then eventually I’ll crawl out ‘The Ring’ or ‘The Grudge’ style, crawl or shuffle to the ring in a zombie fashion. When I get in the ring, I’ll do the Exorcist/Bray Wyatt upside down walk. When the match starts, I’m all about creepy mannerisms and hitting or taking moves like a living dead girl should.

To me, your gimmick would fit in well with Chikara, is that a company you’d work for given the chance?

Definitely, their roster is weird and wonderful. I think I’d fit in there somewhere and to wrestle in the US would be a dream come true.

Out of the promotions you’ve wrestled for, which include LCW, HOPE Wrestling and House Of Pain among others. Has there been a match that has stuck out for you?

I think one of my favourite matches was at Tidal in Leeds. They went to the trouble of setting up a separate entrance for me to add to the creepiness of my entrance. It was also an over 18’s show and the crowd were really into my gimmick, it was a great atmosphere.

Is there anyone coming up through House Of Pain that we should be keeping an eye out for?

I think House of Pain has got a lot of hard working people that will go on to bigger and better things. At the moment, I’m managing a guy called Alton Thorn, he’s taking to performing like a fish to water, he’s my new ‘monster’ project! Also Tommy Taylor just has the best attitude for a young lad his age, in a few years I think he’ll be all over the place.

Saraya Knight is generally considered the Queen of British wrestling, is that someone you would want to face in the ring?

I’m always up for facing anyone who’s more experienced than me, I’m always looking for feedback and advice, whether it’s positive or constructive, it’s the only way to learn and improve.

Is there anything else you’d like to add or plug?

I mainly just want to plug House of Pain, we’re doing weekender shows now around Nottingham, St Annes, Beeston and Arnold, come and see us, you won’t be disappointed. And on a final note I’d just like to say something for any future opponents, you can’t kill what’s already dead……………………………………………..

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